Drivetrain Increased axle noise with urethane control arms bushings?

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  1. OK, I hope I ccan get the photos to upload...

    I have a set of Steeda weight Jacker style rear lower control arms with what look like solid poly bushing and a spherical busning on the other end.

    I was wondering if I should run them as is or try to get them rebushinged? I want the benifit of ride hieght adjustability.

    Also, I notice that the swaybar attachment may be a bit different on these pieces than on my stock 86Gt. Will I be needing a new rear swaybar to mate to these lowers?

    In addition: The other phot is of a set of upper adjustable control arms that I think I shouldn't run at all - tell me i'm right or talk me into running them.

    I will never see any tracks with this car, only street with an occasional green light throttle-up!





  2. 1200gt

    So I replaced the upper axle housing bushings today. I picked up a set of replacement OEM style bushings from NPD for about $6 per side. Wasn't too bad of a swap and it actually did help reduce the axle noise transmitted into the cabin a decent amount. There is still some noise, but not like before. I suspect the noise still there is from the other end of the upper arms having the poly bushings and the lower arms having poly bushings.
  3. Looks to me like the lower is missing some bushing... ???
    The lower sway bar attachement is there, ready for your stock bar if you like.
  4. How difficult is it to replace the bushings in the 8.8 housing where the UCA's connect? Im in the process of installing Tokico hp's, Eibach pro kits, and Hotchkis uppers and lowers and am thinking of installing the bushings in the 8.8 housing as long as no special tools are required and it can be done without removing the entire rear end.
  5. It can be done without any specal tools but most people will recommend the tool from Maximum Motorsports

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  6. if im running polyurethane bushings in the UCA's should i get rubber 8.8 housing bushings to reduce cabin noise?