Engine Infamous 2v Tap/knock?


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Jul 17, 2016
I've searched through multiple forums and can't seem to find anything exactly like what I'm experiencing. I've looked through the threads, searched endlessly and still nothing like what my car is doing. Its a 98 2v, and it's done this noise ever since I got the car 2 months ago. I'll give you the most accurate description as possible and answer any questions for you to the best of my knowledge.

On cold startup, the tick/tap/knock is nonexistent. After it warms up for a while or has been driven, you can hear it when giving it gas. Then after about 30 mins of driving, you can hear it at idle but it's not really loud. When you rev it, it gets louder. It's really hard to pin where it's coming from with all the engine noise. I've jacked the car up, laid under it, stuck my hand on the valve covers, etc.. first i thought it was coming from the valve covers, then someone mentioned they had an exhaust manifold leak and it sounded similar so I figured it was that but the more I listened to it, it's more of a tap noise. Someone said rod bearings but it's not something that shakes/knocks the whole engine. Someone said timing chain but it's not coming from the front of the engine
It's definitely the back. Sounds like either in the bell housing or in the gearbox. When revved, it taps fast then the rooms drop and it makes an odd.. almost a grinding noise 3 times then goes back to normal idle. It's very frustrating and embarrassing. It's a really nice car, showroom condition but sounds like a worn out work truck tapping like that. I was leaving McDonald's this morning and got mad about the sound when I started pulling out of the red light so I floored it at about 35mph and broke loose then when I got to the next red light I noticed it was quieter. When idle and when pulling off, it was quieter. could I be overreacting and it just be bad oil delivery to the valve train? Or could it be in the tranny? Or could it really a rod? My cobra hasn't had any problems with knocks or taps in the 7 years I've had it so I'm lost.
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Mar 2, 2003
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Is it an auto? Good that you came back with the fix. I would have never thought the tranny would make a noise like this at idle. Good to know.


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Mar 10, 2007
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I'm very very curious of the actual sound, wish we had a video or audio clip. Can you describe exactly how you figured out the problem? Might help a lot of people in the future.