Info/help needed for placing my '05 GT order in April/May...

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  1. I've never ordered a new car before, and although the final pricing/option details do not yet seem to be ironed out for the new GT, and I've been seeing the date alternate between April 17-May 17, I still want to place my order as soon as I can. I know that DEALERS mark hot new cars up when they first come out (some are saying the '05 GT could see a $5,000 dealer markup when first introduced). If I am ORDERING my new GT, don't I just pay MSRP? Or do they tack on a surcharge? Will ordering early really help me get my car earlier? Should I go to a local dealer, or is it better to do it online? Do you have to be pre-approved for financing, or can you just put down a deposit? How much do they require---is it a flat fee, or a percentage of the sticker?Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm not terribly concerned about early production model problems. If they crop up, I'll deal with them. I've been saying for years that I would get a new GT when the all-new ones finally come out, and I absolutely LOVE the new looks!
  2. When I ordered my new car, I researched prices at, went to the dealer and negotiated a price (if they try to mark it up, simply find a dealer that will work with MSRP or lower), placed an order and they took a deposit from me. I already had financing through my credit union, so it wasn't an issue. I don't know if they want you to have an approval or not. As far as faster arrival of the car...well, I would say that you would have dibs on the cars that show up. If the car you order is already on the truck or the dealer's order, they will give you that car. Start shopping around on the internet and find out the invoice of the car. When you negotiate try to go around 3-5% over invoice. If you shop hard enough, you may get that price. My 01 GT Vert Premium stickered at 29,700, I got it for 27,600, but i went to 8 dealers before I got a hit...

    Hopefully, dealers learned from the 03 Cobra mistake (5 - 15,000 markup!) and won't have new GTs sitting around.

    I hope that was of some use for you, good luck!
  3. Getting an 05 under MSRP is pretty much going to be impossible. General public reaction to the car would suggest to me that dealerships will have a tough time keeping the cars in stock, at least for the first couple of months. I expect you'll be able to place orders starting on April 17, simply because of that being the 40th anniversary of the car going on sale. If you place the order before then, it's more like the dealer is saying they'll put the order in for you eventually. Ford hasn't officially started accepting build orders yet to my knowledge.

    Some dealers will charge a mark-up on the Mustang, but they will also end up being the only ones who have the car sitting on their lot for more than a couple of weeks, I suspect.
  4. Yeah man. If I were you I would wait for 1 year. You can always bring the vaseline to the dealer anytime before that 1 year is up if you still want to buy one.
  5. You will definitely be able to find a dealer who will sell it at or below MSRP. It's business. They make an instant 3% or more just on holdback alone, and they have a guaranteed sale. Only the stupid dealers will try to jack you up in that situation. Even with the '03 Cobra came out, there were dealers around here that sold them at MSRP with no attempt at any kind of markup.

  6. Ordering won't guarantee delivery.

    I tried to order a 79 Corvette. It was the last year of the L-82, 4-spd. My
    car never came. I am sure it did, but, the dealer said it never came. I believe what really happened is that they got a better price and sold it out from under me. If you want to order one, make sure you track the build date and then the VIN when it is assigned. The dealer has the dealer order number and access to the build date/VIN via the dealer order number. You can usually get the salesman to track it for you. At least you'll know if they ordered it and when it should be scheduled to be built.
    My son did this when he ordered a 98 Neon R/T and he was successful in getting the car at the ordered price after they started the old mark-up game because we had the dealer order number. Good luck.
    I am waiting for the vert.
    P.S. I wound up ordering a 1980 L-48, 4 spd. Corvette. It just wasn't the same, however.
  7. I was just comparing the 2005 too the prototype released previously, it seems to me they really screwed up a great looking car for one that really looks Ugly and cheap,I was seriously thinking of ordering one until I saw what they put out. The Mustang has been killed, BY FORD... Just my opinion, and I have been wrong before..............
  8. That's why they're called opinions. You're entitled to yours. Personally, I think the production 2005 looks better than the prototype in some ways.

  9. Any why would you even post this on a topic started by someone who likes the 2005 Mustang and is soliciting help on how to order one? :notnice:

    Just because you don't like it doesn't mean that you have to try to rain on Speedycop's parade. :notnice: :notnice:
  10. Hey Guys, I apologize for my crude and unwanted remarks on the new 2005.I hope that all that purchase the new car will be more than satisfied with their purchase.
    I did not mean to ruffle any feathers.
  11. Thanks for your apology Bob, that was very nice of you to make that post. :hail2:

    If you don't like the 2005 Mustang, that's fine, eveyone has their own opinions and taste, I won't try to convince you to change your opinion.

    If Ford made a mistake with the Concept, I think is was that they made the concept TOO much like the production car. If you go back to previous Mustang concepts, the Mustang II in 1963, the Mach 1 in 1968, the Mach III in 1993, those cars looked wild enought that there was no way in the world anyone would expect that Ford would make a production car exactly like the concept.

    With the case of the latest concept Mustang, it looked very much like it was production ready. The concept certainly is an attractive car and I can see how many people would become so enamored with some of the concept's design ques that not implementing them in the production car became a let down.

    Unfortunately some of the concepts design elements, like the nose, would never be able to meet the bumper standards. For 2005 and beyond the bumper standards are getting tougher. Personally I would have preferred the front parking lights on the concept than the production ones. However someone who appears to be Ford connected explained here on a previous thread that there was no way the parking lights from the concept would ever pass the crash test.

    The same sort of thing happened to the front of the hood. The Hood overhang (shark nose) had to be trimmed to meet front impact requrements. These same impact requirements make the bumper protrude more on the production car.

    The only other thing I can tell you is that if you haven't seen the production car in person, go to an auto show and see it. Many people have posted here on StangNet and on other forums that the 2005 Mustang looks far better in person than it does in the photos.
  12. Dear 351CJ,
    Thanks for the nice note and explanation. I will withhold further judgement until I see the car. My lips are sealed...
    Good Luck,
  13. Any dealer that does that would be stupid. Ford expects to sell 150K to 180K or more a year. Its not like the GTO which is somewhat a limited car.

  14. Ford's fleet website lists May 17, as the date that orders for the 2005 Mustang will start to be accepted. Someone who is a salesman for a Ford dealer posted on BON that the date the dealers have been told is when they can first accept orders IS indeed May 17.

    A lot of people think that this is a mistake that the real first order date will be April 17 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Mustang. April 17, 1964 is the date of the official introduction on the first Mustang.

    I suggest that you go to a dealer and see what they can tell you about accepting an order or getting on a waiting list to place your order when they are first able to.