Info leaked on the 2011 GT from Edmund's

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  1. Well it looks like I will be purchasing my third mustang! Its about damn time ford!
  2. 412 sounds fishy to me, it would be the exact same HP/L as the 3.7. I would not be suprised to see them very close, but exactly the same just doesn't sound real.
  3. We are here at the event covering the new 2011 Mustang. Once we get word to open the gates we will post all the details for you, lots to discuss!

    We feel there is a lot of untapped power for sure.
  4. :nice: I am assuming they will do it soon since this got out.
  5. I hope so! :rolleyes:
  6. 412 crank hp (about 360rwhp) from a GT:jaw:. These will be running past stock 03-04 cobras and the GT is N/A.
  7. I wonder if those figures are attained on regular gas?

    I wonder if they'll be sneaky and boast big figures like GM does, only to find out later that they can only be attained with a tank full of premium fuel and that they're actually putting out about 5-10% less power on regular.

    On a side note...the new 6.2L Truck engine is said to see 411 hp and 434 lbs/ft of torque on regular unleaded.

    Those are some damn impressive figures when you consider its being run through a more restrictive single exhaust system and long runner intake. :nice:
  8. Come on Ford Racing parts crate engine...
  9. Autoblog - Same thing pretty much. Can't wait to hear it from ford!
  10. Where did you hear single exhaust?

  11. Just making sure, but you do realize Brian's referring to the truck, mentioning single exhaust?
  12. Sorry I read right past that . . .

    Too excited I guess.

  13. I see a 2012 GT in my future.

    412hp and 390tq is a great building block to start with!
  14. :)
  15. Kick ass. Now give us some new modern retro 5.0 emblems so i can toss them on the side of my '88
  16. With the GT now at 412HP, just imagine what the BOSS version might do.

    The Dodge Challenger at 425HP, and the Camaro at 426HP... about a BOSS 429 version at ...429HP??? :hail2:

    (a different interpretation of 429 would be OK with me)