Info leaked on the 2011 GT from Edmund's

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  1. Nice dressing on that and expensive lookin. :)
  2. engine compartment is sweet
  3. So yall know some of the pics over there are 3.7 v6 pics not the 5.0. :rlaugh:
  4. That is insane. I hope I can order one of these cars in the next couple months for a late spring early summer delivery.

  5. Can’t say I like the whole "TiVCT" logo on the front of the plenum cover. It just screams VTEC to me….which I immediately associate with ricer....and the Mustang is about promoting muscle and afordability, not gadgets. I’m also still a little mixed about the retro looking "5.0" insignia on the front of in as well. I get the whole "return of the five-oh" thing, but that retro-80's badging only seems to look right on a Fox body. I see hundreds of people flooding to companies like Late Model Restoration and the like, buying up old 5.0 badges and slapping them on the sides of their cars. It looks a tad gaudy IMO? :nonono:
  6. View attachment 235682

    Another picture I just came across. Those are stock "tuned" headers. :thumbup:

    Found these out too:

    * California Special (GT/CS) Returns (Package 402A)
    * SVT Performance Package (Option 67F)
    * Brembo Brake Package (Option 55D)
    * 6-speed Automatic Transmission available
    * (3) – 19-inch tire options available
    * Order Banks open January 18, 2010
    * JOB 1 begins March 15, 2010
  7. SVT Performance Package? :nice: What is that????

    Is it me or does the color of that GT with the new 5.0 motor pic above look like its Orange? I hope so. I want a 2011 GT with 6 speed manual and Orange with white stripes. Also track pack!

  8. I have two profiled LCD's and that color looks red to me. Not a deep crimson red but the bright "torch" type of red that can always look a bit orange under the right light.

  9. We'll have the 2011 details posted here at 11pm CT when the embargo lifts, as well as another nice surprise from Ford. ;)

    Stay tuned to the StangNet homepage!
  10. Sweet! I'm reading the 5.0 info now.

    edit: and now it's gone. :D..........:(
  11. Nice Boss as well!
  12. I'm totally digging the 7k redline. The sound is unique.
  13. 3875 lbs!!!!! S**T!!!!!:mad:
  14. Overall I'm impressed and I'm sure these will be great cars, but they sure did put on weight...*shock*

    That's 300 lbs more than my 2010 weighs..
  15. so much for a high 12sec gt...or a ss dissapoints yet again...:nonono:
  16. The '03-'04 Cobra's were putting out about the same horsepower and weigh damn near that much, plus they've got IRS to contend with....

    ....and many drivers have gotten them into the mid-12's bone stock.

    I don't think high-12's is going to be too much of a stretch for this new Stang, despite the added heft. :nice:
  17. The termis curb weight was 3665, 210 lbs less than this heffer. If this gt cant muster anything lower than a 13.1 I aint buying.....well no thats a lie ill still buy one but wont be totally satisfied :Damnit:. Still DOHC 5.0+6speed :drool: cant wait to hear it
  18. Just for refference sake....Evan Smith ran a 12.7X in a bone stock '03 Cobra Convertible (right down to the air filter) and 12.4X in an '03 Coupe. The Vert has to weight just about even money with the new GT and its also got the spring board like body to deal with....and that non drag friendly IRS.

    I agree...anything more than low-13's after all the hype would be dissapointing.