Info leaked on the 2011 GT from Edmund's

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  1. Per Autoblog regarding weight and performace (expected)
  2. Anyone catch this little tid bit....

  3. yeah, I just read the autoblog article. I am hoping something is wrong with that stat sheet. It says the weights are just approximate, and many of the approximations say 4000 pounds. I doubt the weight is actually 4grand on the dot. Maybe... hopefully, these weights are VERY loosely quoted.

    And, according to autoblog, the engine is the same weight as the outgoing 4.6, so the only weight gain would come from the new tranny. Do they really weigh that much more than the current Tremec?
  4. We need pictures of the two new colors. :nice:
  5. I really hope the new car isn't as heavy as initially reported. New colors? Drop the butt ugly gold please.

    I am curious what the Brembo brake package is going to run.

  6. Well if the weight can remain the same as the outgoing GT, the 5.0 will own the 6.3. Maybe they had to mod the suspension some to balance the car because the engine is going to sit differently. I'm no tech junkie but that's the ONLY thing I think of if it gained 200+ lbs.
  7. If the new engine is 20% lighter at 430 pounds, the outgoing 4.6 must have weighed 500+. There is no way a 6-speed manual should add more than 100 pounds so I can't see the new car weighing much more than the 2010. Where is the weight gain? Not the engine. Maybe the transmission but what else?

  8. The new 5.0 is 20% lighter than the '95 5.0 engine

    "The new all-aluminum block for the 5.0-liter has helped reduce engine weight to just 430 pounds. This is a weight savings of more than 20 percent from the previous 5.0-liter offering."
  9. Yes!!!!!

    I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!

    The '11 is getting 412HP !!!!!!

    It's getting a 6 speed!!!!!!!!!!

    It weighs 3900 lbs........

  10. It doesn't weigh 3900 pounds. Calm down.
  11. It makes me laugh how so many would shy away from the best Mustang ever built just because if put on a couple of pounds (if that in fact is the case). It'll still outrun, out stop and out handle any Factory Mustang built to date (save for an '03-'04 and GT500). I Cougar weighs 3,900lbs dry and it's more than a match for any factory Mustang, save for above mentioned ones....and it’s got IRS and a trunk big enough to fit 3-full sized adults (should I ever need to do so ;) ). And hell, it looks like it should be driven by a real estate salesman. :D

    I mean…it’s alright that the Camaro and Challenger still outweigh the Mustang by a handy margin, but the moment the Stang porks up a little, all hell breaks loose. :rlaugh:
  12. Interesting now the specs say the GT is 3600lbs and the V6 is 3750lbs. Fords specs can't be right seeing as they say the v6 with the performence package comes in under 3500lbs.
  13. ford updated their info
    New figures:
    BASE CURB WEIGHT (POUNDS) Coupe, .......Conv.
    Manual transmission ..............3,603 (est.) 3,720 (est.)
    Automatic transmission ..........3,658 (est.) 3,770 (est.)
    Weight distribution (f/r) .........54/46 (est.) 54/46 (est.)

    The car gained a little over 50lbs.

    Read more: Camaro SS lighter than 2011 mustang GT!? - Motor Trend The General Forum Forum
  14. So here is a link with a supposed true spec sheet from Ford. Why would Ford come out with a spec sheet that shows the wrong weights with a slash in it and then the real weight? Doesn't sound right to me.

    Still curious what it actually weighs!

    Check it out here..........

    Full Specs on the 2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0
  15. Do you guy's think the new six speed auto trans will fit in an 09 Stang?
  16. Final weight is a good question. Another is just how much stuff can be carried over to the new model from the first S197s. If I decide to trade mine in for a new 5.0 it would be nice to know how much stuff I can take off my car and install in the new one. There's no sense in buying the same mods over and wasting a ton of cash in the process.
  17. 412HP and people are complaining jeesh!

    as for the inconsistant weight figures- there's wet weight and dry weight. gas, oil, tranny/ps/ect add a considerable amout of lbs.
  18. If the car weighs 36** then Ford has definately hit one out of the park this time.

    The terminator cobra coupes weighed 3650 so we would see similar performance out of a stock GT. That would be awesome.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this car is in fact 36**
  19. I think it's quite possible. My 2010 with a full tank of gas weighed in at 3585 lbs. The new 5.0 is a light engine, so the only things that come to mind when adding weight would be the tranny and bigger brakes. They keep it under 3700 lbs and the Camaros will be seeing their tail lights alllll night long.