Info leaked on the 2011 GT from Edmund's

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  1. and God only knows what is in store for the cobra with this new engine technology. that'd be nice if they carried over the TT theme from the SHO to the new shelby.

    600+hp TT mustang that has just a hint of european sophistication with a crapton of kick butt americanized appeal?

    hell yeah, i'll keep dreamin.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. I would really like to see a street legal "production" version of the BOSS 302. The version they released is a race only version hence the "R" in BOSS 302R. The production version could have SC or TT. Is the new 5.0L motor direct injected?

    All that being said, it is also my understanding that the 5.0L motor is meant to replace the 4.6L and 5.4L so the Shelby will need something other than the 5.4L. Why go down to a 5.0L when you could go up to the 6.2L from the SVT Raptor? :D
  3. I believe the 5.4 is already a 4v motor. :)
  4. its about power not size, i have a feeling the raptor has the 6.2 for the obvious torque reasons. if that isn't the case... i have no idea why they wouldn't just let it rock the new 5.0. perhaps they do this because the 6.2 makes the same power as the 5.0 but does it easier so it is less stressed (which is probably a good thing if you're desert racing).

    and the shelby has a 4 valve but it also weighs almost 2 tons. if they get the same power out of it and shed 200lbs its gonna be better in every way. weight ruins everything.
  5. Lets also keep in mind here....the new 5.0L makes the power it does with a near 7,000RPM red line. A tach twisting screamer like that has no business in a pick up truck. The 6.2L is going to be a torque monster in comparison to the 5.0L

    Lets also keep in mind....although the power levels on paper are very similar between the 5.0L replacing the current 4.6L 3V engine in the Mustang and the new 6.2L engine replacing the current 5.4L 3V in the Raptor, the new 6.2L engine is making these power levels through truck specific cam/intake set up.....not to mention choking it all through a single exhaust and cast iron manifolds. Oh and lets not forget a power robbing drivetrain. My FX4 eats up somewhere in the 25-30% range by the time the power makes its way to the rear wheels!!!

    I would imagine this 6.2L moved into a Mustang would have a shorter runner intake, more appropriate cam profiles for a vehicle weight 2,500lbs less and a dedicated true dual exhaust system with similar tubular, tuned length headers in comparison to the Mustang, in order to deal with it all. Expect power levels to go way...way up in that case.