info wanted on the dohc volvo head swap

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  1. i have been trying for a few weeks to try to find all the info on putting a volvo dohc head on a turbo 2.3 . i know theres a few members on this site who have done it. i figure i'am not the only one who wants to know all the info.

    if you have done this swap please post.i know you need to make a intake and manifold.

    what volvo head is needed?
    what do you have to do to get it to fit on? post pics of the mods and explain what was done.
    what pulleys do you need to buy to make it work ect.
    if you have links to builds please post, or if you knwo any one that sells kits please provide contact info.
  2. Not financially overflowing at the moment but I am also curious about how much the DOHC swap would cost.

    Didnt Fknbadfkr say he was assembling a kit to sell?
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  4. i tried getting a hold of Fknbadfkr for info on the kit. in a post he says with his kit you should be just a stright up bolt on kit. most likely you still have to tap a few oil lines.
  5. Yes, his kit will retail for $1500 (or thats what he told me)
  6. on a n/a motor what would the hp be???

    would it be worth it???
  7. How are we supposed to know what the hp would be on a n/a engine? There aren't even very many turbo engines running the head yet...

    "Worth" is on an individual basis...

    Oh, and for most this head is nothing but a pipe dream that they don't have the ability to accomplish...
  8. from talking to Fknbadfkr most of that cost is in the intake and header. so if you know how to fab those up your self you will save a great deal.
  9. You could always give it a try and tell us if it was worth it :D
  10. I might be interested in a bolt on kit but fabricating is beyond my capability and finances.

  11. after you I insist:D :D :D then you can tell us of the massive hp gain:jaw: :jaw: without the turbo....
  12. I would do it if I had the money and the head, but as you can see I don't so maybe later :D
  13. I was also thinking of this swap myself, but when they say you need to make you own intake, why?? Wont the intake that was built for the head work or is there some clearance issues involved? Also, what Volvo model is this head on incase I come across one
  14. i figure you need to fab a intake and header to make it fit i could be wroung. The head is off a 1988-90 740 16v B234F.

    iam gonna see how much a long block is going to cost, iam able to get most parts oem at cost from my step dads work so i hopeing it will be dirt cheap.
  15. :shrug: :shrug: 4.6 head???? it's half the 2.3???? so???? :shrug: :shrug:

    might it fit??:bang: :bang:
  16. Hey, maybe you should be the one to find out for us:nice:
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  18. :lol: :stupid: and 4.6 head isnt even close BTW.....
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