Fuel Injector rails for custom line routing?

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  1. Car is 67 Mustang convertible, 347, TF intake and heads, with 1" spacer.

    I'm looking for a way to mount my fuel rails so that the crossover hose is on the front of the intake, with the fuel lines feeding the back of the rail, so I can bring my fuel lines up from the bottom of the car near the firewall, and not have hoses laying across the front of the engine.

    I bought a Mallory kit that I'm about to send back, because it was missing half of it's fittings and the rails are all scuffed up. Would like to avoid paying the $500-600 for TF or Aeromotive kits if I can.

    Has anyone done this (route fuel lines to back end of rails rather than front)?

    If so, what rails/kit did you use? If you plumbed the rails yourself, do you have a parts list? Pics?

  2. Greg what I've done for customers is feed the rear of the rails then put 180 degree fittings out the front and run them back to the FPR that I mount at the rear of the intake. It looks very clean and keeps the lines totally away from the front of the motor.

    Getting the cross over up front is very tight the dist is truly in the way... it can be a little more expensive with those fittings and I use BBRC rails.

    If your interested I can work you up a kit and prefab the lines if you know your lengths.

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  3. Rick do you happen to have pics of this?
  4. I feed my rails from the back. I mounted the regulator off of the front pass rail and tied the driver rail over to it and just have the one return line run across the motor into the fender well. Not the greatest picture but I can grab a better one later at the shop.

  5. Thanks for the replies. I didn't hear anything the first day or so, so I called Trick Flow. The tech there recommended running a 4 port regulator, with the supply line feeding into the regulator, two supply lines out, one to each rail, and the return line off the bottom of the regulator, no crossover on the front. Showed the design to a buddy who is a hydraulics guru, and former aviation mechanic, and he confirmed that it should work, so that's what I'm going to plumb up and try. A little unorthodox I know, but the theory is sound. Will update as I get results.
  6. I'm not particularly a fan of dead heading a fuel rail. I always flow fuel through both rails. I have even gone as far as modifying some of the aftermarket fuel rails to weld a new fitting on the end of the drives side rail and plugging the one on the bottom to flow through both rails.
  7. I can get a pic I'll have to look them up as they are not on my phone.

    I am also against dead heading a fuel rail and I am not of fan of the Aeromotive return from the middle of the rails ....seen issues on the dyno with that.

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  8. Not to thread jack but I'm pretty sure the stick rails won't flow 44lb injectors so I'm gonna be following this thread to get ideas on how to route mine
  9. The stock rails will be fine at 44lbs/hr at the proper duty cycle. My rails were able to get my 42lb/hr injectors to 98% DC. Unless you need 60+ lb injectors, I personally wouldn't worry about the rails.
  10. Sweet stockers it is then thanks RacEoHolic330 for saving me some headache
  11. You ran your injectors to 98%? That takes some balls... I do agree however that 42lb injectors and the stock rails will work together. It has been my experience that the fuel system usually gets a full make over the same time the engine block is upgraded.

  12. Not on purpose. Haha. Got my s-trim setup to 14psi and saw the duty cycle on the data log on one of the dyno pulls. Dialed things back a bit after that. Sold everything off eventually anyways.