injectors, MAF, predator, tails, clear corners and more

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  1. I've got a bunch of stuff that has come off my truck at some point. All prices are plus shipping unless noted, and paypal include 3%
    If its not in the picture, its not included.
    I've tried my best to describe each item, if you have questions feel free to ask.

    Diablo Predator, unlocked - $100 plus shipping

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    C&L 95MM Maf and filter kit. Includes electronics.
    $130 plus shipping

    C&L 95mm MAF System For 2001-2003 Lightning Trucks
    It was on my truck when purchased, and was run with the tune the truck had.
    I searched and there is conflicting info on running it with and without a tune for it.
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    Aftermarket clear corners. Lenses are a bit scratched. edges show deterioration. $10 plus shipping

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    Stock tails with the housings painted. Paint is not perfect and housings had some moisture in them. $30 plus shipping
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    Stock 42lb injectors. Approx 100k miles
    $100 plus shipping

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    small pcv filters. ran a pcv delete and used these. make offer, or i'll throw them away
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    Stock upper pulley
    $30 shipped

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  2. sorry, everything is sold.
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