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  1. Everyone is telling me to get the 60# injectors instead of the 42's(also said they dont make 42# anymore)for my V3 si build. They say for future upgrades.. While I don't think I will "need to upgrade anytime soon" should I just play it safe and get the 60 pounders? Will 60# injectors be fine in a 430 hp car?
  2. How are you tuning it? 42# should be plenty
  3. It will be tuned by a professional on a dyno. Lidio or Donny Walsh. I have a date for tue the 29th for n/a tune. Not sure when i will get the vortech installed. I know it will need another tune after blower install. Part of me wants to cancel n/a tune and wait for install of charger but equally a part of me wants to know were im at now before the install
  4. The 42lb injectors at a .5 BSFR @85% duty cycle will handle over 550hp (571.2hp to be exact).

    42/.5 = 84 HP

    84 x 8 = 672 HP

    672 x .85 = 571 HP

    That's more than your set up will make and more than your stock block will handle. no, 60lb/hr injectors aren't necessary.
  5. Yeah stick with 42's . You would have to use a chip to run 60's. I run 60's, but only because I got a great deal on them used with a matching ProM meter.
  6. If you want to know where you are at now, just have them dyno the car.
    Should only be like $75 and take 1/2 an hour.
  7. I ended up geting the FRPP 60# injectors with adapters, Pro M 80mm Maf, Anderson Power Pipe for $1054. Is that a decent price or did I get ripped off? I still need a 340+ fuel pump.. Anyone know of a plug and play in tank pump for 90 fox body? He mentioned a certain pump that needed a housing and bigger lines but I'd rather not do all that if possible.
  8. That will be enough injector for you for awhile. LOL
    I paid $200 used for my injectors and meter from a friend :pThey work fine, but like I mentioned up top it will require the use of tuning software to run them big boys. I use an SCT chip.
    Here's the intank pump I use. It simply drops right in the stock location with no modifications.
  9. I postponed my appointment on the 29th of july. My new appointment is Aug 26th possibly sooner. Lidio said If I install the kit before the 26th that he would try and fit me in sooner..

    Lidio is a great tuner not to far from me.. Has a very good reputation in the dyno tuning field. He owns Alternative Auto. So i'm confident that his tune will be top notch and have my car running perfect...
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  10. Not going to beat you up on it since you bought it, but yeah, that is a bit steep. I bought a PRO M 75MM MAF and a set of 30's off the Corral for $200. What size fuel pump do you have? a 340 is about $115
  11. I figured that if my set up at 430ish Hp can be tuned correctly with 60# injectors than I will buy them only because I do have a blower capable of 22#'s of boost. So eventually I will be putting them injectors to good use but as for now I know 42# injectors are plenty enough.. but why buy 42's just to possibly upgrade later? Eventually a new block and lots of more boost are immanent...
  12. I was looking at the stealth 340 pump
  13. A gss340 walbro pump will be fine.

    I don't think you over payed for the parts themselves. Retail is retail...

    I just wouldn't have bought those parts. They are way over kill, which will likely never be worth the extra money. To need more than 42's you would need an entire new engine built with a race block and likely a newer, larger supercharger. Future proofing the fuel setup sounds great and all, but the bottom line is, too need 60's you'd have to spend another 15 to 20 grand.

    I would have found and bought some used 42's, and probably even the meter. Your bill would have been nearly half what it was.

    The anderson pipe isn't usually all that available used, so that probably had to be bought new.
  14. I agree...I picked up my 30's (which used can be had for not a a whole lot less than the 42's), 80mm Pro-M MAF and Anderson Pipe for under $500.

    Those are certainly parts I would "not" have bought new, but I guess someone has to saturate the used parts market for the rest of us. :D
  15. I seldom ever buy used stuff. Never know the condition or anything about a used part is scarey. Its a 50/50 chance on it even being usable. Id rather know its brand new and the history of the parts. Thats just me tho. Same with a motor per say used on craigslist u "might" actually get what your buying.
  16. Would 42# injectors be good for 22#s of boost? I was going to get 42s but i would rather be done with the injectors now than have to buy new ones later when i get to 600+ hp later.
  17. I paid $390 for the 60# injectors, $40 more for the adapters, $250 for the power pipe and $315 for the Pro M 80 mm MAF.
  18. It really doesn't matter, as 22lbs of boost will scatter your stock block all over the street anyway. I'd really like to know who this "everyone" is that's telling you to skip the 42's and go with 60's? Because it seems most here (the guys who actually own and drive these cars) are telling you to stay with the 42's. Are the ones steering you towards the 60's by chance import car owners?

    I really urge you to send back those injectors and pick yourself up a set of 42's and matching MAF. Like I posted above....the 42's will comfortably handly over 550hp...which is more horsepower than your stock block will be able to handle. Not only that, but they'll keep your budget "honest" and steer your towards a more realistic goal. Otherwise, you'd better set aside a pile of money for custom fuel lines and rails while you're at it, because the stock ones sign off right about the same time the stock block does. Better put aside another grand or so for ignition upgrade, because you'll never light 22psi with the stock ignition set up. Damn....I hope you've got at least another $5-$7K to spend on the drivetrain. What, you didn't think you'd be able to transfer 600hp through the stock T5 and rear end did you?'re already $10K in and you haven't even built the engine yet. Don't let your desire, overshadow your common sense. When you get into built block, big blower and supporting mods territory, you'll be in $15-$20K or better, before you know it?

    I've got to ask.....what's the fascination with throwing around figures like "22lbs of boost", or "600hp+"? Do you realize how fast a car with that much power is? Have you ever gone that fast? Don't take this the wrong way, but if you've got to ask, you probably shouldn't even bother. If I had a nickel for every guy I heard quote massive projected horsepower figures only to never come anywhere close to those numbers, I'd be a very rich man. Most end up for settling far less after then find out what's actually involved (cost and work wise), or worse yet losing interest in the project or running out of money and having to sell the vehicle at a loss later on down the road to finance something else.

    My advice is, that if you don't have the money put aside to finance this project right now and/or a second car to drive in the mean time, don't even get into it. You'll end up with a car sitting on jack stands for the next 3-years and a vacuum in your wallet sucking out every penny. And it would be a shame to see you waste years of your life and thousands of dollars on a car you'll probably never drive because you got in over your head.
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