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  1. Lidio himself told me to get the 60# injectors. He owns Alternative Auto. I'm sure many of you know of him. So If he says 60 # injectors and all you say 42 # injectors who should I listen to? I throw the 22# of boost cause one day I would love to push the HP / Torque numbers. I know what I need to push higher numbers but as for now I think Lidio knows what he is talking about.
  2. Lidio also said he likes the SCT BA-2600 MAF but can work with the PRO M 80MM
  3. My seem to already have all of the answers. Carry on.
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  4. I definitely do not have all the answers. And I know 42# injectors will work for now but my only hesitation in buying the 42# inject.. was the upgrade value later on when I do decide to or eventually get to 600+ hp..
  5. Your advice is well taken.(well not the import car crack)You are very informed and thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and input.
  6. Is it that big of a sin to put 60 # ers on 450 hp car? lol
  7. I'm well aware of Lidio's reputation as a tuner. That's not what's in question here. I'm also aware that he's in business to make money. If you tell him you want to see 600hp one day, then why should he talk you out of it? He's going to recommend the parts to make that happen because that's what you asked for. He's not going to talk you out of buying expensive parts or tell you to take a step back and really consider your goals, budget and timeline if it possibly means repeat business for him. This way, he get's to tune your car twice, or more and make god knows how much more money out of you over the next couple of years in the process.

    Nothing wrong with's business. But he's in this to make money and keep the lights on....not to talk make the decisions for you.

    I notice you didn't answer any of my other questions? Answer those before you decide to ask any more.

    What are your goals?
    How fast do yo plan on running?
    Why the magic 22psi and 600+hp numbers
    Are you prepared for the other supporting parts necessary to harness 600hp?
    What's your budget?
    Are you aware you'll be in $20k before this is done?
    How long do you plan on this taking?

    No.....what makes you think you've got a 450hp car? What parts have you got thus far?

    You ask a lot of questions, but aren't giving us much to work with. Details!!!
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  8. 60#'ers on my stock block car. just sayin
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  9. Totally unnecessary and probably would have been just as well to run 42's....just sayin. ;)
  10. possibly, but after reading up on all the many tried and true boosted combo's out there, I chose the 60's!
  11. My goals are 400 to 450 hp at this time.
    I plan on running low 11's. Possibly high 10s
    They are not magic numbers 22psi is the rating of the blower and 600 hp is just that a number not a goal at this time.
    Again at this time 400 to 450 is the goal I think with my H C I and runing a 13.7 with a ridiculous 2.2 60' time at 106 I think with tires and better driving I am high 12's.. I "think" Im at 290 to 310 Hp right now. Just a guess tho.. I am not prepared to spend 20k right now that is not the goal at this time.
    I plan on giving this car to my son who is almost 3 at this time.. So 12 years?
    Lidio only told me what he knows from years of tuning works well for him. He is not selling any parts I have to acquire them my self.
    I never once said I had 600 hp goals or any goals for that matter. I was installing a supercharger and that is what he recommended.. And my parts guy told me to ask the tuner what he recommends.
    Let me ask you another question...
    Will 60 # injectors work with a 350 hp car? Sure its overkill but thats not the question.
  12. No doubt they'll do the trick and are very tunable, but I just couldn't justify the cost difference.

    I have seen guys fall short with the 42's, but have also seen them run incorrect fuel pumps, or other intake and supporting mods to back them.

    Case in point....I originally had 36lb/injectors in my Cougar when I built it years ago and my tuner told me I was running out of fuel at 300rwhp!?! :scratch:

    That should have been my first clue that something was up, but I went with his advice anyway and upgraded to 42's. Wouldn't you know it....I was still having fuel issues.

    Got rid of my stock air box and ran a large filter on the end and all was fine. Ditched the 255lph fuel pump for the high pressure unit and had more fuel than I knew what to do with.

    Could have stuck with the smaller injector and just upgraded the pump and intake, but my tuner wanted to make money. Live and learn...$1,000 later. :(
  13. With a custom tune, anything is possible.
  14. must've been noith of da bordah no? need moar fuel up in dem parts :rlaugh:
  15. It's all of the additional oxygen in that cooler, denser air. That must be why the cars are so fast up here. :canada:
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  16. Yep, My custom tune and my 60# injectors aint getting me nowhere with the car still torn apart in the barn!
  17. less oxygen up there, just cleaner !
  18. He recommended the Walbro 405 pump.. He said while it wasnt made for the fox body it is a very good choice and not that hard to install in the tank... It needs the smaller sock. Again this is just what he recommended..
  19. Fair enough
  20. I feel ya. About to swap my exhaust for the 4th time. Had Flowmaster 40's, hated the drone, swapped them out for Pypes Race Pro's. No more drone, nice muscley sound, but absolutely INSANE at WOT. Had to get them off. Swapped those out for a set of stock '13 Mustang GT mufflers. Now the car's too quiest again. lol

    Bought a set of Borla Pro XS mufflers for it this week. We'll see how I like those.

    While I'm at it, I'm planning on installing my M-12071-K302 sensor and relay kit in hopes that the new OE O2 sensor will clean up my rich and surging idle issues. And I figured I'd take the driveshaft off and have the balance checked at the same time.

    Money pits.....all of them! :fuss: