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  1. either way its looking like 60# injectors, Anderson Power Pipe, and SCT- BA-2600 MAF and a walbro 405 pump.
  2. I don't understand the purpose of coming here and asking what parts to buy and our opinion when

    1. you already bought them
    2. Every time we tell you something you say Lidio says this and Lidio says that

    What is there left to discuss. Lido is a great tuner no doubt, but his way is not the only way. However hee already has your money and you seem committed to him. As you said, money is not the primary concern and you won't buy used parts.

    Good luck to you. Please keep us posted on the build.
  3. I purchased the parts after the first initial post.
    I want opinions to see if they match other peoples views besides Lidio.
    I only reference Lidio because he will be tuning my car. And from what I hear he is really good at it.. But again like stated before he is a business and likewise out to make money.
    But besides the price of the 42 to 60's they will both work up to a certain point when the 60's will shine better.. Even if i never see even 525 hp the 60s should still be fine.. and that is what this is all about..
  4. I ran 36 lbers back in the day with an S trim and eddy heads, Ed curtis cam, etc. , that pushed out about 425 rwhp on a stock block. Had it tuned by Chris Johnson before he went to SCT. Not sure they even made 60#'ers back then.
  5. Nope! I enjoy mine every weekend. And as I continue to build my engine, just like you, I/we know that we'll never need to buy injectors again.;)
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  6. never say never :lol:

  7. Ha, not sure they still make 36#'ers!! :lol:
  8. Not sure who lido is, but my guy has likely been doing this much longer and never makes you build or do anything that wastes time or money. Doesn't push a tune on you either.
    Using an SCT meter on a fox just complicates your life for no reason. Me personally, i'd never trust anyone that suggests that meter. Actually the SCT on my cobra swap came from a guy that was convinced by a shop to use it. Got it for $75 when they had to pull it off fox at my buddies shop.

    For argument sake when i was changing a coil on my e150 work van today at the shop i asked if anyone does a meter meant for a fox calibrated for 39's and the answer was yes. He said that one of his venders was now doing it and he thought it was pro M.
    He hasn't had to try it because somehow guys are still coming up with 42's, from where i don't know.

    39's are dirt cheap, like $125 a set or less used, then another $40 for adapters.
    If the meter is available the 39's will be great for saving foxbody guys money.

    42's and a gss340 will support more than a stock block.
    I consider these to be facts.
    Where everyone gets the idea to go to bigger parts, i honestly don't know. It's just a waste of money.
    The list of parts needed to necessitate 60's is absurb. Between the trans, engine, power adder, rear i wouldn't be surprised if it took another 25 grand.

  9. i dunno... :shrug: Lidio has been tuning the Foxbody's since 1990 and been around the Mustang scene even longer.. just sayin
  10. Yeah, if it happens it'll be a good thing!
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  11. Then it may be close. Not sure how i have never heard of him.
    I think my buddy started his mustang shop is 88 or 89, i'll have to ask. I met him in 93.
    Sounds like they have about the same amount of experience, depending on when this guy switched to working on modulars.

    Still don't see why he would suggest an SCT meter, 60's or a pump that big.
    To me it sounds like a ploy to sell a tune or those are the parts they stock.

    Not sure it matters, the OP may have painted himself in a corner. Once you ask the guy that is going to work on your car what to use, changing you mind may not be an option.
    If you went in with a plan and suggested what you wanted to use and do, it may have been acceptable, but now it would look like you don't trust him. Something that is never good when you are leaving your car somewhere.
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  12. Even tho the consensus is 42 # injectors, I still feel like I made a educated decision buying the 60's. Cas
    Very good post.. I only asked him what works cause he has been doing it for so long.. I live in the detroit area so there are alot of tuners here.. most of them bad.. I could not find 1 person to say something bad about Lidio so when I asked his recommendations he gave them and that is all I have to go on besides some very informative people on this forum.. So, he basically said he knows wut works and what can work. sure the 42# injectors would be fine and the pro m MAF but If he can get me that much more outta the tune safetly than so be it.. the price from 42's to 60's and pro m to sct isnt going to break me.. He has a rep for a reason and by that alone is why I chose my parts.. Sure he could be "baiting me"but I dont think so..You dont get the kinda rep he has unless he is doing something right..
  13. I am not buying any parts from him or anyone he knows.. I am only getting a tune from him.. thats it..

  14. I'm beginning to detect a pattern here. :chin
  15. here we go.. you detect a pattern... you think you know were this is going? I am trying to make an informed decision... plain and simple.. I maybe more retarded than most so forgive my ignorance.. We all cant be smart...

  16. Dude... don't get so butt hurt. It's a forum! There's nobody here that ISN'T trying to help you.

    Look at the statistics for some of these guys! They KNOW what they're talking about. :)
  17. I have received lots of help from these guys.. They do know what I need to know.. Thats why I am inquiring.
  18. Its the ask a question and everyone has their opinion. There are definitely some proven combos out there, and either 42's or 60's will be fine with a vortech blown stock block.

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  19. Not sure it helps that you have responses from all the most outspoken members, lol.

    Tuning, meters, injectors is always kinda a hot topic.
    One that we all don't necessarily agree on.
    But I think everyone's preferred method works.
    Which is best for you? That's on you.

    I tend to err on the side of caution and i like the simplicity route that doesn't require any tuning or special software at all. Also doesn't require any parts to be installed at the shop, such as the meter and by far is the cheapest. I'm very much a less is more guy and i like to put money where it counts the most.

    The 60's route is just too complex for my taste, and judging by the fact that we probably have less than 5 active member with a dart or race block (majority of which are race cars) , i'd say the "room to grow" theory is pointless.