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  1. best advice i've hear all day..
  2. point taken

  3. Theres alot more Dart blocks hiding in here than I think both of us are aware of
  4. So aside from the "extra money" 60# injectors will work "great" on a 400 hp car?.. you all have me thinking I should of ignored Lidio's recommendations.. lol

    Lidio made it sound like he didnt want me to come up to him and tune my car and be choked out by the fuel.. In all honesty I really dont know what works.
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  5. I'm here for the beer and women.. wait a minute.............. damn
  6. FWIW I'm running seimens deka 80 lbers w/ lightning mass on a h/c/i car tuned by me with a quarter horse. Runs exactly the same as the 24s I was running. Afr is 14.7 at idle and 13.0 at wot. No driveablity issues what do ever. The 24s were the worst $300 I've spent on my car. The 80's were $330 they work with my very mild combo currently, they'll work when I install my t trim in few months, and they'll work when I eventually have a dart block/ trim combo.
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  7. While i agree with the 60s . I don't agree with the meter. The pro-m has proven time and time again to get the job done. To go crazy making that walboro fit just seems a bit silly to me when the aeromotive drops right in and many of us are using it with no issue. Again i am just giving my opinion here.

    I got my 42s new in the box from a friend for a silly silly price so thats why i have them . The future for me is unknown so if i need a 60 unlike you ill have to cross that bridge. But with those 60s would be an r block or dart and about 13-16# going through it and i am not quite there.
  8. I know the 42's would probably the only injectors I will ever need.. But .. Live and learn.. Its not going to make my 400+hp car go slower hopefully with 60#ers..
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  9. No it won't it will lower the duty cycle of the injector leaving you
    more room on the table
  10. This is my opinion only, but I have read this whole thread just now and I see only one pattern. The OP has been talking to a shop owner and that shop owner has filled his head with answers that makes a brain marvel at night in the sleeping hours. But the guys on here keep suggesting otherwise, to go a different route because of experience, what really works. But the OP keeps saying he is looking for advise and suggestions, but not once have I read any advise taken from the forum by him. OP keeps saying Lidio this Lidio that, I do not understand why make this thread.

    I do hope the best for you and hope all goes well, but again this is my opinion only, take experience on this forum for all its worth and start listening to some on here, and not so much from Lidio. Your car is going to get tuned regardless of what is on that car of yours. He is in the business of making money. If Lidio is only supplying you with a tune, then leave it at that and not Lidio as a suggestion box per say. Leave the suggestion box to this forum. No matter what you do in the future, Lidio will always be there to tune your car and he will do the best job he can, I would bet the bank on it. But when it comes to this forum and posting a build thread and you asking for suggestions, then take them and run with it. I feel it to be an insult when someone asks for suggestions, feedback, and advise then turns around and does the opposite because someone else not on this forum told him it is best. Makes no sense to spend time typing in that case.

    Good luck to you once again, I will be reading as you continue your build. The best to you and please don't take this as a negative, but my opinion.
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  11. 42's... no 60's.... :suicide:
    :think:Either will work, you're getting it tuned anyway. For reasons stated before by others I'm in the 42lb court but that is just my opinion. At the end of the day the 60's that you ordered will get the job done. If we can get my car to idle perfectly with 235lb injectors then your 60's will not be an issue.:banana: Time to lock this thread down :lock: :shrug:

    Who knows how cool it isn't to run an injector at 100% duty cycle?:doh: :uzi: I do....

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  12. Point well taken. Its not that im disregarding people's advice on this forum or thinking Lido's word is king. In the end I think I made a very informed decision. Obviously its not what most of you would do but thats ok.
  13. Is he doing an sct chip to tune the car ? Just wondering I think it's time to start a progress thread being that mine is slow now we can hang out in yours lol
  14. FWIW I have talked to many people. Brother in law had a 92 notch with a supercharger, other brother in law with a 93 notch running 9.18's, Tom Craft ( performance guru with a fox body running 10.40 on blower), and I did speak to Justin at Walsh Motosports. So while I have indeed spoke to many individual's on this matter, I have taken into account all of there experience and all of these ppl on this forum's to make my choice. Sure 42#s with 340 lph with pro m 80 is what most guys are doing with great results. That dont mean I cant build my car and have great results too..
  15. This is a quote from him" When getting a custom computer tune to accompany the install -- will end up on our in house DynoJet Chassis dyno to insure that Air-Fuel, spark, idle quality and countless other parameters are where they’re supposed to be to insure that the entire package is behaving correctly under all normal street driving and “spirited” driving conditions."
  16. I guess he's using an sct and your gonna need a BTM to pull timing under boost as well .