Engine Inline 6 Build With Alum Head.

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  1. This is some pics of my I6 build. It has a Alum head from Classic Iines, 1.65 roller rockers, 264/264 110 clay smith cam, intake from Spectre, DUI and many parts from Summit. It will be dyno tested with the c4 and then a T5. Still have to finish it up waiting on pushrods and a few small parts.





  2. Coolest project I've seen in a long time! Spectre makes that intake manifold? It's been several years since we sold my wife's '67 convertible with the 200 six, at that time the only good intake manifold was off of the Aussie 250. How much power are you expecting to make?

    I always thought it would be cool to put a turbo on the I6. Keep the updates coming :nice:
  3. Man, if they had this kind of aftermarket stuff for the I6 15 years ago, i might have kept mine and done this kind of build. Kudos to you for giving us something different to look at! Keep the updates coming.
  4. They did. Clifford has been around for decades. Nobody ever seemed to know about them though. I've seen I-6's in alterds, dragsters, comp eliminator cars, etc. That was in the late 80's.

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  5. Very cool! Should have a very interesting exhaust note to it...
  6. It is not going to me alot of HP but about 180 to 200 to the rear wheels. I just wanted to have something different and I can always turbo or super charge it later. It also will be a article in Mustang Monthly later this year.
  7. Yes with the headers and 2" dual exhaust with an x pipe it sounds close to a V8 right now. I can not wait to hear how it sounds after all the new parts.
  8. Interesting, it looks like both the head and the intake have bosses for port fuel injection. That would be a really cool project for Megasquirt, Ahhh someday.... :)
  9. nice build. have you shown it over at fordsix.com yet?
  10. by the way, clifford was supposedly designing an aluminum head for the small ford six for years, but it never materialized until mike at classicinlines.com took up the challenge and got one done.
  11. Too cool. I love straight six motors. I would LOVE to see a turbo in there !
  12. HUGE six banger fan here obviously, love how clean yours is. Love the garage too, dang how I wish I could keep mine as nice!!! Keep it goin, let us know what she puts down and dont worry if the numbers are low, mine with a simple big log head, holley 2 barrel and dual out header was a ton of fun to drive for what it was, especially with the T5. Now with the turbo its SILLY!

  13. Cool build! Props to you for choosing to do what you want.

    Got any photos of the intake, exhaust ports and the chambers on that head?