Inner Tire Wear on front tires

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  1. Hey All

    I bought my 08 Mustang last April. It had stock pirellis on it and i noticed they were bald on the inside up to the inner tread bar on both front tires. I had the suspension checked and ball joints and also had the inner tie rods replaced. I had 3 alignments and also had my tires balanced more then once and rotated. The tires i have now are good years eagle f1's . Still wearing uneven. Anyone else had to deal with this mystery problem? Thanks
  2. Were your alignments all from the same shop? If so then I'd recommend taking to another shop for a second opinion on your alignment.
  3. Yes i think they were actually. CJs Tire did it. i went to 3 different CJ's tires though. It should have been corrected right? I spent like$ 950 on tires and the front ones are chopped inside. i dont want to have to buy more prematurely if i dont have to. :ban: