Inop Coolant Temp Gauge

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  1. So I purchased an 89 lx hatch a couple weeks ago. The previous owner installed a few Autometer Sport comp gauges. All are functionally except the coolant temp. The gauge powers on and has light however it is stuck at about 165 degrees and does not move. From what I understand is I should have one wire coming off the sending unit, yet I have two. One wire goes through the firewall to the gauge and the second is spliced into what I think is the oil pressure sending unit wire? Not really sure but this plug was not connected to anything. Any help would be appreciated as the factory gauge is disconnected so I have no idea what my temps are. Thanks.

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  2. You should only have 1 wire coming off your temp sensor on intake manifold to your SND on Temp Gauge. Who knows what that second wire is going to.