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  1. I have an 04. GT. Every time I hit a bump or a dip the body drops and hits my rear drivers side tire. The passenger side is fine. I've replaced the rear shocks and coil springs and it still happens. What do I need to do???
  2. Is your car lowered at all? And, are you certain the wheel is making contact with the body?

    My factory lower control arms used to make a clunking noise before i replaced them. It kind of sounded like the body hitting the tire
  3. Yeah I'm sure. The tire is chewed up on the outer side. I can see where the tire is hitting the lip on the wheel well.
  4. Is the car lowered? If so, how much or which springs were used? Do you have oversized wheels?
  5. Yes I do have aftermarket wheels on it, but I didn't have this problem before the springs went bad. The replacement springs are SR performance and lowered the back 1 inch. Is it possible that there are other bushings that went bad when the springs and shocks were bad?
  6. If the shocks you have are not appropriate for drop springs there could be complications there. The wheel and tires combo may be too big for your suspension setup. Do you have any pics showing your ride height and the damage to the tire?
  7. I will get some pics posted, I'm going into work for an48 In the morning so it will be a couple of days before I get them on here. Thanks for trying to help me get this figured out.
  8. when you get the time i would check for worn bushings on all of your control arms
  9. You can have the fenders rolled to alleviate some of the tire damage when they do contact the fender. I'd do that in conjunction with any lowering of any car.
  10. Here are the pics that were requested.

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  11. What off set are those wheels and are you running any wheel spacers?
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  12. No wheel spacers and I have no clue what the off set is. The wheels were on the car when I bought it. I think I'm going to replace the control arms, and put different shocks on it.
  13. Judging by the pictures, it doesn't look like its too low or the tire/wheel combo is too large. It is obvious that the inner fender lip is eating up those tires though. Maybe it is the control arm bushings. Got a head scratcher there.

    Is it possible they sent you springs with too weak a spring rate and the car drops the back end too far under acceleration?
  14. I thought it would be the rim. Is it possible your wheel toe needs to be adjusted?
  15. What i would check is to see if one wheel is sticking out of the fender a bit more than the other wheel. It's possible the axle has shifted slightly due to a bad bushing.

    Look from above and put a ruler on the sidewall of the tire and see if one is noticably sunken in more than the other
  16. I just checked today and the drivers side is out a little further than the passenger side. How do I fix this. I believe this is my problem!
  17. Assuming both rear wheels are the same with the correct offset and BS, you will need to inspect the control arms and bushings for damage or wear. Also check where the control arms mount to the body and see if anything looks damaged, torn, or shifted due to any possible accident.

    Axles not being centered is actually a common occurance. Sometimes, the issue is one of the reasons stated above, other times, there is no obvious reason.
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  18. I'm getting ready to change the control arms here soon. I figured those would be worn due to overcompensating for the bad coil and shock. Thanks so much! I will update when I get them changed!
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