Input Requested: '13 Boss 302 Ls Or Gt500 Vert?

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Which would you pick, and why:

  1. 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca

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  2. 2013 GT500 convertible

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  1. Doing this as a poll, but also would like your reasoning why you chose what you did. Here's the story:

    For lots of unimportant reasons, I've decided it's time to reward myself. I'm looking at the two options above, so not really interested in additional options. I was set on getting the Boss when the time came, until recently on a cool vacation in NorCal, where I had a blast driving a rental Corvette convertible (the 5.0 I reserved wasn't there, so they comped me). I had some awesome drives on some amazing twisties, and thought to myself that it wouldn't have been near as much fun if I'd had a roof over my head. If they made a Boss vert, I'd be set, but I don't see that in the cards.

    So, here's the pros/cons.

    GT 500 pro:
    *Shelby name (always wanted one, but to old and broke down to really enjoy driving an original now)
    *200 mph! (of course, I'll probably never be able to legally use it)
    *convertible (I'm kinda biased toward top-down driving...)

    GT500 con:
    *about $20k more than the Boss
    *color (Candy Red) wouldn't be my first choice, but I do like it.

    Boss pro:
    *Boss 302!!! (always wanted one of those, too..., but not enough to name my daughter "Boss". So technically, I have had one Shelbi. :) )
    *$20k cheaper (not a deal breaker, but it is a lot of money!)
    *Color (School Bus Yellow!)
    *I'll still have the 67 for top-down days, so it's not like I won't have a convertible option (95 is on C-list though)

    Boss con:
    *not a vert. (duh)

    Car will be a summertime daily driver, stored in winters. Not planning on racing. When I move back to L48, it will be driven year round as a DD, unless the weather's crappy.

    What say you, StangNet? What would you do, and why?
  2. First I need to point out that the GT500 vert is speed limited to 155 mph. I'm sure it's easy to bypass with a tune, but I wouldn't want to go that fast in a vert anyways.

    Personally, I would go for the Boss, but I like to open track my cars. For a DD and no racing(or drag racing only) I would probably go with the GT500 (assuming price isn't a deal breaker). The Boss is a high rpm NA road race car, which is loads of fun, but to use that power you need to rev to 7k+. It still has decent torque, but I imagine it feels like a Civic compared to the GT500. The GT500 supposedly handles pretty well now, but it's still a couple hundred pounds heavier than the Boss. Plus it has those 15" 6-piston brakes that I've been drooling over.
  3. i voted boss , i see more shelbys than them so thats why it gets my vote and the color haha
  4. For the type of driving you plan, I would say the Shelby. It seems more for creature comforts vs the Boss more pf a track car.
  5. the 302 has been in mustangs for the longest time, some consider it dated, I consider it a class. I own three different mustangs all from many different years, all 5.0s

    I would go with the less seen, high powered, still wildly known, boss. I want a boss, hell I'd take a sn95 with boss stickers. But i'm 17, can't go making payments on a 30G car. :p

  6. the boss is awesome but you're not going to use it to it's purpose/potential, so i say let somebody else pick that up. the GT500 will be more to your liking i think, assuming you can swing the added payment.
  7. BOSS, hands down. I like the Shelbys too, but the BOSS is the newer technology, and with the same amount of boost, will out power the Shelby. Those Coyote motors are far more advanced, with the Shelby you are buying "old" technology. Don't get me wrong, they are awsome cars and far more advanced than anything I own. Also, the BOSS seems to be much more rare. Aside from NMRA events and car shows, I have yet to see one rolling around my town here. I've seen three different Shelbys.


  8. The Boss comes with a Chinese transmission, the Shelby comes with one made in America. Just one more thing to consider.

  9. I picked the Boss. I don't like convertables. If it was a Shelby coupe that would have been my pick.
  10. I love Mustangs with every inch of my life. But if you can afford a new Shelby and like the Corvette, then get the new 427 convertible Corvette just came out with. Its the z06 7.0L in a vert finally. If you want more than 500hp. Then the Calloway Connentail Vette would be bad ass, that's a Targa top that's supercharged and has an amazing 6 speed auto. I have seen them run mid 10's with tires. I love both cars, and I actually own a vette and stang, they are both great cars, and they are both different kind of car. I just wont by a 70k stang when I could buy a vette with that same money. My buddy owns a new Shelby, great looking car, fast.. But you can tell it started life as a 25k mustang.
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  11. I hope to buy a Shelby (not a Vert tho) hopefully when my son is 16. I'll need a new DD and if I'm making payments it will be a 700HP+ beast (after mods). That would be my vote.
  12. Shelby. You named your daughter after the guy, might as well get one of his cars. You want a vert, you will love that extra torque on the street, and the blower whine is hypnotizing. Do it.
  13. Well, decision made. After spending several days working deals all over the western US to buy a Boss 302 Laguna Seca, I put down a deposit today... On a Shelby.

    I fly to Washington September 10, and will drive it back to Alaska by way of Denver, to see my son who just moved down there. I'm pretty happy with my decision. We've had several sunny days in a row (which is not the norm this summer), and every night walking out to the parking lot to drive home, I thought about how bummed I'd be if i couldn't put my top down.

    I was really excited about getting a Boss, and would still LOVE to have one, but owning a Shelby has been a dream for 30+ years, back to when I was a 16 year old sitting on my bed drooling on the pages of my "Mustang Does It" book, looking at the 68 GT500 KR, and building models of the KR convertible. I've never owned a single Shelby hat, shirt, or anything else, because I didn't have the car. Now I can. :D

    I am a very happy man, and God gets the glory!
  14. fantastic! be sure to post up a bunch of pics of the drive back home!
  15. +1, that drive to and through Colorado will be beautiful (not that Alaska isnt Im sure)! I am excited for you! I almost considered a 2007 GT500 before I bought the '11, but was too in love with the new body. I would have really liked to be a part of the Shelby club though.
  16. Boss b/c it would be much more useable power for the street and not just a tire fryer
  17. wait till the 2013 gt500 comes out and have 650 hp.
  18. Wait? They have been out for almost 2 months.
  19. Sorry, wasn't clear in the initial post, but the 2013 is the Shelby in question, and that's what I ended up getting. Waiting for confirmation today from the dealer that it has arrived. If all goes to plan, I'll be picking it up Monday morning.