Mach 1 inserts

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  1. Hey I was wondering if anyone had any pics of an azure blue mach1 with rear inserts? I was trying to decide between the black and the stainless steel and was hoping to see some pics of both to see which looked better against the blue. Thanks!
  2. they look kinda ghetto i had them on my old fox in the early 90's...i wouldnt think of putting them on my mach!
  3. Yeah, I was kind of thinking that, too. So thanks for backing up what I kind of was already thinking! I saw a cobra the other day near me with them on and I liked it, but I also thought they might look ghetto...thanks for the input!
  4. I have flat black inserts on my Mach...and IMHO they look great


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  5. Yeah I checked over there at the Registry...I will have to check again. They do look great on your zinc mom has a zinc 03 cobra so I will have to show her what the inserts look like. Well great guys, now we are at a standstill!!! oogtdude says they look kinda ghetto, yet they look great on your mach...we need a tie breaker b/c now I am more confused than ever!!!!
  6. SS Inserts

    [​IMG] Here is a pic of my Azure Mach with SS Inserts Polished stainless steel inserts. I hope this helps. I love mine.

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  7. Sweet!! Thanks so much! I do like them it is decision time! Thanks guys! I'll let you know what I decide. Just gonna check out the black inserts and then we'll see!
  8. just to let u know. I bought my inserts off Ebay for 5.99 shipped. They have held up well and look nice.

    I put flat black ones on my red Mach.

    I put the "chrome" vinyl stickers on my girlfriends Mach 1.

    I am pleased.....I paid 20 for the ones I had on my Cobra from UPR and the quality is the same.
  9. Hey thanks! I went ahead and went with the flat back and put them on about a week or so ago and I really think it finishes off the back end!

  10. Have you considered the Honeycomb back panel to fill in the blank from your spoiler to your inserts??

  11. ohhh geez :puke: