Inside Of Ignition Switch Pictures?

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  1. )All this on my 67 Cougar XR7)

    Today, I went and blew some air back through the fuel lines, and discharged what ever had blocked the outlet in my fuel tank. Then in my excitement to start the car, the ignition switch came apart behind the dash, in pieces.
    I don't know that it "broke" necessarily, but it did fall out, in pieces.

    I don't know the order of the plate, two springs, and housing.
    does anybody know how this all goes back together??
  2. Like this: I'm not positive how it all goes back together, and I do NOT want to let the smoke out of my ignition switch!

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  3. Is that the switch or the lock(key) cylinder?

    I believe that the key cylinders can be replaced independent of the switches. Assuming it's not broken to the point where a new cylinder cant be installed.
  4. It's the actual switch. I went ahead and ordered a new one, for 14 bucks. The original is 40+ years old, and there is a reason it fell apart.
  5. Good observation/Smart choice!:nice: I'm sure the smoke is long gone!:p
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