Inspect A 2006 Gt Premium Manual

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  1. My first post. I'm going to inspect a 2006 GT Premium with manual tranny, and try to buy it. Does anyone have suggestions of particular trouble spots to focus on? I'm worried about clutch life. The car has 59000 miles on it. Is the clutch likely worn out?

    I need new glasses. I misread the ad. It's a V6. Never mind.
  2. If you do find a manual car you are interested in in the future, clutch life is very dependent on how the car was driven. For a competent and not abusive driver, a clutch can last the life of the car in many cases. On the other hand, someone who is bad with it, or drives very hard can destroy one in 20k miles or less.

    I'd take a test drive with the previous owner, and have the previous owner drive. You may learn a lot about how the clutch has been treated from that.
  3. I know it doesn't matter for this car, but when looking in the future... What Coyote5.0 said is true. I bought my 06 new. It has nearly 150,000 miles. Clutch is still working just fine. Only thing I have done to car - 1 set of brake pads front and rear. 1 battery. Resistor for A/C blower speed control. Tires last me around 50,000 to 60,000 miles. I do bang through the gears now and then, do get some burnouts and do zip through curves. It is more highway miles than city, which helps. Anyhow, they are very reliable if treated well.