Inspire me!!! Lets see some 2.3T pics!!

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  1. Well as u know im new here, well not on stangnet but on the 2.3 side. I have a 88 lx 5.0 and now I picked up a 91 notchback thats calypso green for 200$. The first thing i wanted to do was another 5.0 efi swap with a t5 and 8.8 rear. Then it changed to a 302 carb'ed with a SROD tranny and a 8.8 with 3.27 gears. Now for some reason the little all mighty 2.3 comes to mind. After I drive my firends evo8 around and love the turbo feel the 2.3 is my new idea and now I want a 2.3 t in my car haha. So anyways before I give u my life story lets see some pics of your cars, with engine bay pics also with what u have done to it and how u like it. Thanx guys :D
  2. Here's my beautiful turbo motor:

  3. see website below for pictures.
  4. I gotta say man wow your car is deff nice lookin. My 88 5.0 sits the same way as yours and yes im deff getting those 2.3 badges, but im gonna get a T from something in teh junk yar dfor after the 2.3 it will say 2.3T And yea your motor looks nice and clean :D :D :D

  5. Well, in my perspective...they will know its a 2.3 by the badge, the T they will figure out one way or another :nice:


    Motor on the stand the day of the swap :spot:

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  6. MMMMMMMMMM Shiny!!! :nice:
  7. see my website
  8. This:

    Does this:

    I guess I like it... :rolleyes:
  9. 140 = king o'bling
  10. Stinger.. is your blowoff Before the intercooler?? I was under the impression it should be as close to the throttle body as possible. am i wrong?

  11. Stinger: its art.... :)
  12. I'd post a pic of my motor-in-progress but it's just a long block at the moment and I don't have any good pics.

    So I'll post this picture: the bottom end of that engine with my custom windage tray on it.

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  13. another angle

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  14. Awsome guys. Now whats done to that SVO??? the red one. Is it stock lowerend. Stock turbo(prolly not ) but just asken ?'s . And how did u make your intercooler piping and what size is it? as the intercooler the same thing. And yea that custom windage tray rocks :nice:
  15. I assume you are talking to me???

    All the info is there...stock ride height, it's now got 17" wheels and tires though...

    I built the IC tubing, it's 3" to the TB and 2.5" from the turbo. Aftermarket Turbo, one of my Stinger Performance headers, etc.

    Dr...I've got a blow thru vam on it so I wanted it to be before the your case (stock vam) it really doesn't matter either pretty much the same. I'm probably gonna mount the BOV on the LX near the turbo just to see if it gets rid of the trailer hitching I had under certain conditions with it near the TB.
  16. T3 turbo tbird here...
  17. Hey turbomx6. I love GT-turbo's , there the hotness, i had one, a 88 GT and man that thing was cool, too bad I never finished it. But yea my friend is lookin for one now to trade his 92 SHO for. There some nice cars :nice: Love to see 1st gen mx-6 owners on stangnet :flag:
  18. All you 2.3 ford guys are great help. I've noticed that most of you used to own Probe/MX6. That makes me feel warm and fuzy. Mazda is 40% Ford anyways. I wish we had RWD...

    Here's what I had in mind to do with muh turbo tbird. Right now efverything is on hold. I have invested way too much money in my Fazda's.heheh..
    Hairyglass made my Mazda CF hood.. It was the first in the World 1st Gen CF hood believe it or not...

  19. No former Probe or MX6 ownership involved here for sure.
  20. i used to own a huffy before i got my stang.