Install advice for 66 coupe trunk seal.

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  1. Just recieved a new seal for trunk from Mac's parts. Also a tube of 3M yellow adhesive. Old seal is OEM hard/cracked and is now sucking exhaust into trunk from GT tips at stop signs. Any links etc. for DIY /removal and install .Also it must be a PITA to install up side down but don't want to remove trunk lid. Thanks all in advance-Doug
  2. Subbing. I installed mine after paint to trunk lid and the fit was horrible. Actually caused trunk lid fitment issues. Ended up having to do alot of trimming to seal to get the lid to even look flush on all the corners. Good luck
  3. It does go on a certain way. Its really hard to tell from the small picture in the bag the seal came in, But the wide part goes on the trunk lid. It will fit poorly if put on wrong. Wait and see if some other members post up some pictures-that will help. Also, you can get black weatherstrip adhesive. Try Napa or CarQuest.
    The ends of the seal should terminate at the center of the lid where it latches-trim with razor blade for snug fit and the ends should have adhesive on them-done last. Tear off about 50 strips of masking tape and hang around the lid where you can easily reach them then start at the back-apply only enough adhesive that you can tape up the seal before it dries. a little goes a long way-too much will make a mess you will regret. Like anything with these cars, take your time. Oh, you will need extra tape when you make the turns around the corners. We usually closed the doors on door seals, but left the trunk open. There were the odd car that still needed some trimming though to get the trunk lid to fit right. But those cars were the exception...
  4. Take your time is the key. Ford used the yellow glue, and if you are careful no one will ever see it, although Ford wasn't so picky about that. I like to put the seal on with the decklid off the car. Since adjustment will be required with the new seal anyway, removing it is no big deal. Oddly, Ford installed the decklid seal with the decklid already on the car. Gotta admire the skills of the guys on the line.
  5. i installed mine with the deck lid on the car. put a bead of glue on the strip and the deack lid(both smotthed out). Let it tack up then put another bead on the strip and push into place. Mine has never fallen down or moved
  6. I do mine with the trunk lid off. Makes it easy to walk around it as you lay down the strip. So that I didn't make a mess, I put black adhesive on only about a 3 foot section at a time and placed it before moving on to another section. It came out perfect enough for me.




  8. dennis112-Great pics, and advice BTW-Was there any trimming needed after re-install for fitment ? Thanks to all for your posts and advice .Regarding yellow 3M went buy catalog at(re. soft seals) Macs. when my brain was going with black adhesive. Will repost once I install.
  9. Trimming was only needed when the seal was placed and I butted it together at the ends like Barnstang mentioned. Since the seal was very pliable, no additional trimming was required during installation.

    Black and yellow 3m adhesives have similar holding capacity. I first cleaned the seal with wax and grease remover to get rid of the release media used when the seals were formed. I then followed the 3M instructions and placed the adhesive on both the deck lid and the weather stripping for about a 3 foot area and let it setup tacky before placing them together. I used masking tape to keep them separate beforehand and carefully placed the strip on the trunk. Probably had a couple of hours in the install as I wanted it nice.
  10. What supplier did you guys order your seal from? I need to redo mine and was told the ford gasket had fitment issues. Really, mine looked good installed , but when we closed the lid it looked like crap as far as fitment. Thanks