Installation of OEM 1993 Premium sound stereo into 87-92 Mustang

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  1. Any Luck? Thanks for trying to figure this out for me.
  2. phone2012june068.jpg he has the radio that fits this harness. one connector fits like any other but the other connector has round larger pins. this is why a swap is not possible without a new harness being run.

  3. what paint did you use to cover those holes left by the aftermarket radio? color and finish? did it hide it well?
  4. My car had a factory "radio delete" and the PO installed an aftermarket stereo. Do you know what, if any factory wiring is in there behind the mount? Thanks!
  5. Wish this thread was here about 4 years ago. When I updated the 1990 with a ford CD player, that was moded to have MP3 input I had to figure this out from scratch. The football amps behind the radio are not digital and have a common (-). The digital systems from the CD units have two wires for each speaker. I used a head unit from a Contour (has the square corners), an amp and harnes from a 1998 explorer and another part of harness from a probe. The amp is under the passenger seat, just like the 1993 mustang (only fox body with a factory CD player). I still have the cubby under the radio just like the 1993 factory setup.
  6. Bumping this for a quick question...

    Is the "Cubby" portion of the radio the same as the other 91-93 premium sound cars with the cassette option? If so, assuming I got the CD player part of the radio out of a Contour/F-150/etc. would the bottom plate swap from the cassette to the CD Player? Thanks!
  7. No. The bottom plate with cubby will not swap to CD player. I tried to do this. Seems the 1993 mustang CD player is unique.

    In my car, I bought a junk, broken 93 CD player, and a working CD player from a contour. I swapped the bottom plate, and the faceplate (mustang version is square) and made that work

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  8. Okay, I figured that might be the case. Is the plastic cubby portion the same, or different? I could probably fab up my own bracket, but I don't think I could fab up the cubby.
  9. Cubby is the same as the 87-92 mustang tape deck

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  10. Awesome, thanks for putting all this together man!
  11. I'm just glad it's coming up in searches :)
  12. hoping mustang5l5 can help me, on my 1990 mustang I'm on the middle of the 1993 mustang amp,wiring harness and CD player swap. When I plug in my stock radio all the speakers all work fine, how ever when I plug in the 93 setup my drivers side speaker do not work. The passenger side speakers operate fine and play music clearly.
    i have that little plue in the back of the radio in aswell.

    Is my problem the amp or head unit? How can I tell ?
  13. follow the leads from the radio and figure out if you have sound thru them. it will produce sound without an amp. if that checks out follow the leads out of the amp. it could be a bad amp or bad wires or both. gonna take alot of wire probing.
  14. The head unit has a balance feature. Check to make sure it's not set to one side. I don't have my radio in front of me so i forget how to access that part of the control.

    Is it just 1 speaker? or the entire passenger side?
  15. The whole drivers side is not working. And yes the balance is in the middle. When I fade it to the passenger side it's perfect. Fade to drivers and no sound
  16. It could be an internal problem in the radio, too. I remember I had an aftermarket unit that wouldn't power the front speakers unless you "primed" them with power from the rear. Once they were on, they worked fine. I assume it had a bad capacitor(s) inside the unit that was needed for initial power.
  17. Hard to know without troublkeshooting. It could be the head unit, or the amp. Do you have a digital multimeter?

    I'm looking for a wiring diagram for a 1993 Mustang to tell what wires to test...but i'm heading out the door from work in a few so it might be a while
  18. Yes I do own a digital
    Multi meter
  19. Here ya go

    The big wide connector in the middle of the page is the one you want to probe with a multimeter. It has the inputs from the head unit, and the outputs to the speakers.

    What you want to do, is with the radio turned on, probe the pairs of speaker wires for the left side and see if you have voltage on a 12v DC scale.

    You want to check the inputs to see if you have a signal coming from the head unit, as well as the outputs to the speakers to see if the amp works.

  20. Awesome. Thanks. I'll text this and
    See what I come up