Installation of OEM 1993 Premium sound stereo into 87-92 Mustang

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  1. I have a 1993 and have an equalizer/amp from my old '88 thunderbird that had "premium sound". Is it possible to add equalizer/amp to my Stang?

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  2. Not without also acquiring the head unit, and amp wiring.

    Those components may work with the 87-92 mustang stereo. The 1993 setup is a whole different setup

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  3. Damn, what is the head unit? I have the plug and extra wire as seen in pic but Im guessing there's more needed.
  4. That actual radio. The eq is designed for a different radio

    Looks like this

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  5. Bummer dont want to downgrade my radio. The sound in the tbird was better than the stang with the amp, speakers in both cars are "premium sound"
  6. Man, I don't even remember being apart of this thread..
  7. At the local U Pull this weekend I saw 3 of those premium amps under the passenger front seat on Mustangs.
  8. It would be nice to install one of those in my '95. My car has a cassette player, but it has the exact same connectors on the back that you identified as the premium sound unit. I'm planning to swap a later-model dash into my car in the future, so I think I'm going to get one of the radios that has the clock function.

    Thanks for the informative thread!
  9. Hey Mustang5L5,

    I am just curious about something. Does the 93 CD player also have the capability of running the slave cd setup? I see the "comp" button on the radio face - would that be how it switches to that input?

    Ultimately, I want the stock radio look but I would like to be able to add an auxiliary input jack for an MP3 player. I have heard of people using their cd changer inputs to add auxiliary to their factory radios, and I was thinking that if this one could run a slave cd or changer then I could adapt it. Any idea?
  10. walmart has a 35.00 mp3 player from scosche you plug in lighter and tune to station. has eq, vol many features.. needs a storage card..has remote too 1365717962378.jpg
  11. Well, I finally managed to win one of the things for a decent price! I believe it is out of an F-150, so I will have to fabricate the bracket for the cubby, but that should be doable. I may see if I can't get a junk cassette one and cut off the bracket and reweld/rivet it to my bottom plate if I can't fabricate one easily.

    JB04v6, I know I could go the FM modulator route, and I may ultimately do that, but I the sound quality just seems to be so hit or miss that I am a little leery of them. I had a cheap on in my 91 Escort years back and it was a pain. If I do go that route I will probably use a direct wire one, especially because on the Fox body I would have to keep the ashtray open while I drive to keep that one plugged in.

    I did see where it looks like it can be setup for a slave cd (or maybe cd changer?) as well, which should make it possible for me to hook up an aux. cable through that and have a pretty clean, factory looking install. If I am able to do that, then I will document the progress for that on this thread. Since the car is in pieces right now, though, I've got a lot of bigger fish to fry :)
  12. I have an ipod adapter that I bought for my '99 Focus daily driver that plugs into the CD changer outlet on the back of the factory stereo. The factory stereo treats the playlists as the CDs and you can skip songs with the seek buttons. I tried to find a similar setup for the earlier-Ford radios with the CD player option, but I was unsuccessful. My Focus has the steering column controls as well. It's really awesome having my nano tucked away in the ash tray and controlling everything without even having to take my hands off the wheel.
  13. I think I read about that, but I don't know if it will work for the 93 model radio. I'll check on it, though, because that sounds like the best scenario.
  14. I think it does. I toyed around with this on the first page but couldn't get the lower CD player to fit properly inside the Mustang's radio bay.

    I lacked a power plug to the slave CD to test it out but the 93 CD player does have the slave cd hookup. I beleive there was a CD changer option in the Bronco that utilized this.

    I've since sold all the parts and extra radios on ebay. I can't test it out now though.

  15. Read Post #6

    The slave unit hookup is a 6-pin connector
  16. Okay - if I am correct, the 6-pins should be these things...

    -Signal Wire
    -Left In
    -Right In
    -Left Out
    -Right Out

    Anyone know which colors are which in the harness?

    I am thinking that using the signal wire and the ground should tell the radio to interrupt it's current output (such as an FM station) and instead re-route the sound through the slaved CD through the L/R input. Not sure why it has the L/R out, though...
  17. i have the cassette type oem unused if you need a piece of it, and my 04 6cd that is whacked so let me know and you can have the part you need the 03 6 cd is good I'm just going to alpine so 1 of the 3 should fit the bill, first 2 gratis, the 03 i need a few bucks or trade on injectors (not stock ones tho), for 04 v6 3.9l --ps, my walmart scocshe mp3 added to the current mach (04) sounds good