Installation of OEM 1993 Premium sound stereo into 87-92 Mustang

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  1. i have 10 cd player i mounted in my trunk and wired it to the stock 89 premium radio. its stilled hooked up, cant recall which wires but the radio controls volume remote controls shuffle etc... if you need me to look i can see how i connected it, been a few years....
  2. wanting to go back to premium sound radio stock any help avaialble please
  3. I don't think you are amplified if you do it that way...
  4. hello!new to the forum here but happy to help out with any questions you may have on fox radios.Im "the guy"who sells the fox body radios and cd players on ebay,with the ipod input installed into them.couple pics of my work.started doing this when I got my 88gt and wanted to put the stock radio back in.i currently have a new 93 cd player installed and have the eq setup also,both with ipod inputs installed.let me know,thanks. COREYS 351 (Medium).jpg IMG_0035 (Medium).JPG COREYS 391 (Medium).jpg
  5. Nice job rooster I have a couple of your radio's . One in my Olds and another in my older daughter's Buick . Still have them and they work . Thumbs up to ya .
  6. casettes and cd's... whats them?
  7. I guess it's worth asking.. You willing to share how you add your aux input to the radio? Or is that a trade secret that's part of your ebay business? That's cool if it is since, you figured it out, but since many on here are DIY types I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in knowing what needs to be connected where?
  8. I get that question a lot and believe a bunch of people could handle the install of an input if I told them but I cant give that info away.It does have much to do with my business of selling the radios.the other part is the multiple questions that would be asked or people even ruining their radios because it can go south pretty fast when you start soldering on the circuit board.i have dealt with all kind of problems in the past 5 years of doing this and was self taught.i appreciate the question and hope to help you out in anything else,thanks.
  9. mber: 34506"]I don't think you are amplified if you do it that way...[/QUOTE]
    Not sure what you mean by that. Anyway, i gave up on that project. I just kept the factory 93 radio conversion on my 88 fox. I am now thinking about using a more modern oem radio (like the one in my 08 fusion) but it won't be for a long time. When I do, ill make a new thread.
  10. My radio won't kick on at all. I have a 1993 with premium sound. Checked the fuses under the dash and they are all okay including 17. No lights and no sound. Car and radio only have 30k miles so I really want to keep it.

    I read the opening page and noticed that I don't have the "shorting plug" to go in the top slot seeing as I don't have the CD player version.

    Is there an internal fuse?

    What would be my next step for trouble shooting it?
  11. Verify that you have power to the radio and to the amp by pulling them out, and checking for 12V on some of the wiring laid out in diagrams on previous pages.

    It is possible the radio is shorted out as well
  12. So I pulled the radio and put it back in. This morning I started the car and to my surprise the radio turned on... This last about 1 minute before it turned off...
  13. Radio is getting good power and verified the ground on the harness itself is good too. Leaning to the radio itself being bad.
  14. I know this is an old post, but it helped greatly in my decision to install a newer factory radio into my 1991. I got a non-premium standard Cassette deck from a 1995 Escort. It has the correct trim for correct fitment into the fox mustang. Ford F-150 & bronco also have the correct trim just FYI. The OP was correct on it needing a second ground for the night illumination to work. On the grey plug, wire 7 is not in the plug on the 87-92 mustangs because it is not used. All you have to do is add a wire to your current plug (i cut the harness off the car i removed the radio from at the Pick your part & took out one wire and added it to my connector) I then connected it to wire 3 which is also a ground. Works perfectly. Night lights and dimmer. I used the Cubby from my factory 91 radio and just switched radio bottoms, I also found a non cassette only am/fm that also worked, thats pictured. Kind of like the look of the non cassette. radio.jpg
  15. That looks great with the non cassette/cd version. It makes sense as many no longer even have cassettes or CDs these days

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  16. Nice. That looks good.

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  18. Wow jsut saw this... I did this about 7 or 8 years ago but was to lazy to do a write up.... Just love the MP3 input.

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  19. There was a guy in eBay that sold the oem radios with an AUC jack in. Haven't seen any in a while, but that's something I'd like to add to my CD player at some point. However low on my list to do since I never actually listen to the radio
  20. I just pulled one of those amps out of the 93 I just picked up, figured someone might want it for a resto. Car had a rats nest of aftermarket stuff from the 90's trying to bypass it and only one working speaker. the amp and wiring is all intact if someone local to NJ needs one. No way of test it so rather not to ship it. you can reach me at [email protected]