Installed Ford Racing Exhaust

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  1. Installation was pretty straightforward though I did have a bit of trouble with that spot weld holding the bracket to the stock exhaust.

    The Ford Racing exhaust sounds awesome. It has a deep, throaty, growl thats not overpowering yet sounds 1000% better than stock. I'd say the sound is reminiscent of Borla (and rumor has it that Borla may have made the axleback for Ford Racing).

    The cost was very reasonable. The parts department at my local Ford dealer sold it to me for $195. Retail on it is $235 though I noticed that a guy on eBay was selling them for $210.



  2. Any chance of you posting a sound clip? I'm still undecided on which exhaust I want to put on my V6.
  3. On my agenda to do for the weekend. I tried creating a sound clip early this morning but my impromptu digital recorder wasn't cooperating with me.

    I'll try to "borrow" something a bit more user friendly and try it again on Saturday or Sunday.
  4. Thanks a lot. That would be great. I've listened to a few different mufflers and so far haven't found anything that's exactly what I want.
  5. hella-cool! great job marti! love the third picture!!
  6. Here's a somewhat so-so audio clip of the Ford Racing Exhaust. I apologize for the sound quality but the best digital sound recorder I could find on short notice is in my MP3 player, a PNY Vibe. :D

    The first 20 seconds or so of the clip are useless but I have no sound editing software readily available to edit it at this time...

    Ford Racing exhaust
  7. The sound is pretty muffled on that, but thanks for posting it. It seems like it's a pretty deep tone.

    How does the real thing compare with the sound clips of the Flowmaster or JBA?
  8. Nice! Beautiful tip on that muffler! Looks great! Anyone know of a dual cat-back for the V6 with tips like that?

    Notice any performance increase?

    If possible, I'd love to hear a clip of just a few healthy revs with the recording device behind the car a few feet. If not possible, no worries.
  9. I'm told that Ford Racing also makes dual's for the V-8. I assume they're likely similar though I've never seen them.

    No performance increase noticed yet. Of course its only been installed since Thursday... :-D

    One last sound clip... from more than 12 feet away.

    Ford Racing Exhaust - 12ft away
  10. That sounds a lot better. I think your microphone jsut can't take the very loud noise so that's why it gets muffled at the high revs (it's called clipping IIRC). Thanks for trying it again though, because I think that gives us a much better idea of what it's going to sound like.

    I have my first service appointment coming up with the dealer in a couple weeks, so maybe I'll swing by this week and see if they can't order me one of these and install it at the same time.

    Thanks again!

    PS. Something I noticed is that on Ford Racing's website, they list the part number as M-5320-5V6, but obviously (from looking at the picture of the box martimus received it in) the part number is M-5230-5V6. Just something to keep in mind if your dealer has trouble locating the part.
  11. Thanks for the second clip! It does give a better idea of what it might actually sound like. Nice 'n' throaty!
  12. That 12ft clip rules! The few second wait to the start-up makes it even more exciting. I really like the sound of this muffler - gotta get one for my car!
  13. I was looking at the Ford Motorsports catalogue, and it says that this part is not street legal. Did the part come with a warning label or anything telling you that?

    I'm concerned because I live in California which has some pretty strict emission control laws, and I don't want to fail getting it smogged in a few years because of this exhaust.

    Any info?
  14. The Ford Racing site has a caveat that seems to apply to most things they're selling. The caveat states "not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled motor vehicles". If they weren't street legal, based on this caveat, one would surmise that they couldn't sell the part to you in the first place.

    In any case I don't believe that the exhaust does much in terms of emissions. I may be wrong but I thought that was the function of the cats...
  15. I don't know enough about cars to know if you're right or wrong. Maybe I'll just keep the stock exhaust in a safe place, so if it doesn't pass emissions I'll just pop the stock one back on there.

    Thanks for all the info. I'm pretty sure I'm going to order one from that guy who has them on eBay. My dealership wouldn't sell it for less than the suggested retail.