Installed JMS grills on 03 Cobra. Yea? Nay?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by stvdman, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. Any and all comments welcome. I figured Id post some pics here so anyone thinking about these would have something to go on. And yes, I know she needs a wash.


  2. that is not bad looking at all :nice:
  3. looks cool!! I like them!
  4. is it a thick/heavy material?
  5. Thanks guys.

    Yeah they are real thick. Almost hard to bend. The first pic came out kind of funny, they are painted flat black, I guess the sun was hittin it just right to catch some shine.
  6. I got just the lower one for mine. I am not sure about the upper one. I noticed after a couple of months it started to look like crap. If you take any rocks, it will chip the paint. I went and had mine powder coated dark gray to match my Cobra. It looks great, last long, and it only cost $10 to powder coat.

    btw - that lower one will help protect your intercooler from rock punctures.

    Rogue Cobra
  7. Very Sharp!! I really like the way that looks. I may check those grills out. I replaced my horse with a black powder coated Cobra which I'm pretty happy with. I'll try and attach some images.

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  8. I don't know why, but they look "rice-ish" in the first pic :shrug:
  9. I like em and think you should keep em.
  10. Spray paint them black! :drool:
  11. you get a yay from me
    thumbs up i havent scean that grill on it yett
  12. They are black actually. Thats why I thought the first pic came out funny. They are flat black also, the sun was REAL strong, I guess thats where the shine came, makes them look silvery.
  13. How does the flat black go with the gloss black on the car....i think they are tight, I like the grill delete on the cobra but sometimes it looks like some thing is missing...they look good
  14. I am thinking that gloss black wouldnt look right. Too shiny.

    I thought about painting them gloss black prior to installing them. Decided to wait untill after seeing them on the car first. I like them flat black. If I painted them gloss I would think it would make them look like they were on there ONLY for looks. Keeping them flat reminds me that they are also there to block incoming debris.

    I F'n hate crap (bugs, rocks, plant material) stuck in the radiator and H/E. I know some things will still get in there, but it should help alot.

    I have also read of one H/E getting popped by a rock, Ford wont cover that under warranty. I know the chances are slim of that happening, but ya never know.

    They do actually look better when not in direct sunlight. And the flat black along the glossy back isnt too much of a contrast imo.
  15. Looks great Steve!,
    I'd like to do the same for the lower HE, did you get them for a good price? Where could I find them? Can't wait to check them out Saturday, have a good one!

    --- John
  16. Hmm that looks pretty nice. I have a cobra in my grill...the lower I would like to get, but I sort of like the no grill look for the upper. Where did you purchase them from ?
  17. Here is JMS's web site:

    Yeah, if you take a rock to the intercooler, Ford will not cover it. $1300 later. I know this ALL to well.

    Rogue Cobra
  18. The list for like $79 each. But if you can get someone to go in with you and purchase a couple they wil work with you. A guy at work wanted a set for his 95 and they gave us 20% off. For cobra owners they throw on the Cobra Emblem for free when you order both upper and lower.

    20th- you can check them out Sat for sure.
  19. Nay - Looks cheap and takes away from the look of the car :notnice:
  20. From my perspective, I appreciate subtle changes. This whole car is all about subtle cues, and to over emphasize one part of the car puts it out of balance.

    I do like the grills, however, I would recess it about 3 inches from where it is now. They are functional and if you are complaining about the grill being chipped, then that is a good thing compared to the alternative.

    It's all pretty subjective, but that is what I would do.