Mach 1 Installed PHP intake spacer.

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  1. Not sure how many on here have this mod. I had read quite a bit on other sites so was pretty well prepared before I started. Only took about 45 minutes and went well. My approach to reconnecting the egr was to start front bolt first by pulling the egr into place. Started it by hand and ran it most of the way in. Then used a thin long flat tip screw driver slid under the egr tube with the tip placed on top of the back intake cover bolt. I pried the tube up carefully until I was able to start bolt by hand then cerefully ratcheted it down making sure not to strip anything. hard to feel the difference driving because traction is a bit of an issue with the 4.30s anyways. Hoping to make it to Milan Dragway saturday (weather permitting) to get some new track times.:nice:
  2. Good mod choice.

    I installed an intake spacer a couple of months ago now, similar to the PHP Spacer. Mine was designed and produced by Roy, a member on the Mach 1 Registry site. This one is made of a phenolic material for better heat resistance, and it's actually slightly taller. The PHP spacer is 3/8" tall with gasket, while Roy's spacer is actually 1/2" tall with the rubber gasket in place. Can be found here:

    I definitely liked this mod, although installing it was a pain. The entire upper intake was raised 1/2" so it took some struggling to get the EGR bolted back on. But it raised up the shaker even more, which looks even cooler now... I couldn't really tell the difference in power either, but it's supposed to be good for about 4RWHP and like 10RWTQ or so. Let us know if you notice a difference at the track. :nice:
  3. I did make it to Milan Sunday. Only got 2 time trials though. Car was about a tenth quicker and little over 2 mph faster than last time out. But I also added a Steeda cold air kit and catback since last time at track. I was leaving easy on the stock tires to minimize spin (1.94 60 ft.) but I was spinning pretty good hitting 2nd. gear. Would like to go to a weekday t&t to get a better idea what it can do. My E.T.'s were a 13.45 and 13.46 @ 103.6 mph.
  4. Nice times. What's the Density Altitude like at your track? Our DA is the worst for getting good ETs. The times that I ran, the DA was at like 5500-6000 ft. Not to mention that our track just sucks anyway. :rolleyes:
  5. Not sure what the da was that day. I can relate to conditions in Texas though. I spent a year at Ft. Bliss when in Army years ago. I ran my 87 GT at El Paso and it was quite a bit slower there as compared to Michigan.
  6. I added the PHP spacer also and it seemed to smooth out the idle. Couldn't tell if it added power but it was worth a try.
  7. I did the Roy spacer with no issues with the EGR. :nice:

    It's on the take off parts shelve now. :D