Installed the U/D pullies and Taurus efan with FAL controller- Need a lil help

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mikestang63, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. So is all this worth it for 11-12 hp? One of the big magazines (MM&FF I think) just did the swap, a test, and those were the dyno results across most of the RPM band.

  2. I needed to replace the clutch fan anyway and was going to install the e fan, so on that part a definite yes. I bet that added a few hp alone and took a drag off the engine. The Taurus fan cools much better than the stocker IMO.

    For the pulleys, I've had them on several cars and I'm pretty happy with the results so far. I never use a race crank pulley on a street car and you MUST have a 130 amp alternator. Your cooling system also must be working properly. People often blame the pulleys when the problem is often a weak cooling system that the pulleys will only magnify. I run a stock water pump and a newer stock Modine copper radiator.

    It cost me about $100 for the pulleys as I bought the crank and water pump used for $50, but had to buy the smaller alt pulley new, as the 2 3/8" alt pulley was not small enough to get the alternator spinning fast enough to charge proper- March says that on their website for an automatic so I expected it. The car runs a tad warmer at times but nothing to get upset about. I can def feel a positive difference in the SOP and it seems I am getting about 10-20 more miles out of a tank of gas. Worst case scenario as I am somewhat anal about things,if I want to drop down the temp to where it was before is I will have the stock water pump pulley powdercoated chrome and put that back on, as it is smaller than the U/D one.

    I'm not overly concerned as even with the A/C on and in 90 degree heat, the temp gauge normally sits between the M and A. Remember, these stupid stock water temp gauges are TERRIBLE and are often inaccurate to begin with. Like every other fox I've owned, you can't rely on it to be 100% and jumps up like 20 degrees when you put the headlights