Installed This Today.

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  1. My car was running hotter then I liked so I thought a cowl hood would help plus look cool I found this one I like it, I know its big but it serves its purpose next on the list is the cobra insert bought that yesterday just needs installing...oh just by installing this hood the car dropped like 15

  2. I like the SRT300C and Camaro in the background more than your hood. Sorry! Any videos with that turbo in action?
  3. Yeah i know the hood isnt for was cheap at it the 300 is also mine and the Camaro is my wifes...No haven't gotten it to the track yet...I need the roll bar installed 1st then I can make some passes...
  4. Works man. I didn't like those hoods either but its grown on me. Now it's more necessity than anything though.
  5. Thanks yes its more for purpose but I do like it
  6. :nice:That's all that matters. One thing that sucks about it is in the rain. Your windshield will fog up like a sob.
  7. did your car juat start running hotter or been like that since the turbo install?
  8. Holy Huge hoods Batman!

    I believe I would upgrade or improve my cooling system instead.

    To each his own.
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  9. Car will not see rain so thats cool...And the car started running hot after the C4 which i know im doing what needs to be done...i have a big trans cooler new water pump,big electric fan..I found with the stock hood it was keeping way to much heat under there just by bolting this hood on and drivig like i always do its 15 degrees for me its a win...Yes it big but its growing on me...Hey if its gets to annoying i can buy a 3 inch cowl sell this one only paid $100....
  10. Everyone has there opinion i understand
  11. As long as it has a purpose, but cowl hoods have started to grow on me recently.
  12. Once it is painted the same color as the rest of the car the hood will "shrink" a bit. It tends to stick out like a sore thumb being a different color than the rest of the car. The eye is drawn to it because it does not match, so it appears bigger than it really is.
  13. That's what she says huh?!
  14. I like cowl hoods under 3". Over that I don't mind them on race cars but not for a DD. Limits visibility too much and looks kinda silly(like "import" style rear wings). Yours looks a little tall for my taste but each there own. And please paint it. I hate it when guys run around with an unpainted hood(always going to paint it but never gets done) nice car though:hitit:

  15. Thanks..the good thing is its not a daily..i put maybe 300 miles on it this yr...Yes it will get painted..actually the whole car has to be re-done..And to be honest with you i might not even keep this hood maybe down the line i will get a 3 inch cowl...i bought this dirt cheap wanted to try an idea i had to see if it helped and so far it on my install list is a cobra insert...
  16. is black :shrug:
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  17. Do you need to have the top down or stick your head out the window to see what's in front of you? lol It should blend in better once you shoot it.
  18. It just has odd lines is all, as if it was inspired by a Camaro hood.

    I had a cowl hood once out of necessity and hated it. It was like standing behind a tall guy at a concert. No matter where you look, he's in the way. I'm more inclined to do what @NIKwoaC mentioned and just cut a hole in the hood... Looks cooler and will match my mullet.
  19. I can see fine...doesnt block that much of my vision at all..I know its now for everyone..I do understand that but for now i will leave it on see how i like it if its ok i will shoot it and go from there...