Installed This Today.

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  1. curious to see it painted before I give an opinion, seems sorta big but you did say you got a good deal
  2. painting that hood will be $3-500 for a decent job.
  3. If I'm gonna have something impeding my view, it's gonna be engine parts. I don't mind shorter cowls, but I love me a big ass huffer sticking through the hood. I'm old school like that.
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  4. Having an unpainted cowl hood is a right of passage for a Mustang owner. I have a 4" hood, and it doesn't obstruct vision at all. It could be far worse; you could be in a new Camaro. You could drive into the zombie apocalypse and not be aware of it in that thing.

  5. Never really thought about that with those hoods, interesting :scratch:
  6. Yea, that's the only reason I'm installing a/c ha-ha. Took me a while to figure that out.