Installed, Tuned, Dyno'd, Excessive Motorsports Comes Through!

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  1. Thanks to Tori, Chris, and Larry at Excessive Motorsports in Manassas, I am finally more than just an appearance modder! :hail2:

    Detroit True Trac: INSTALLED! :nice:
    FR 3.73 gears: INSTALLED :nice:
    MMR CAI: INSTALLED! :nice:
    SCT XCAL2: YOU BET! :nice:

    So, what were the result of months of patient waiting?

    Keep in mind that the tune is for 87 Octane, Manual:

    At WOT, my Torque Shot from 55 to 237 at 2500 RPMs!!!!! The line goes straight up and plateaus until about 4000 RPMs!!!

    HP climbed steadily (at about 45 degrees) to max out at 205 @ 5300.

    Bottom Line: RWHP 205 and RWTQ 237!!!

    Not bad for an N/A with single exhaust! Just wait until I throw 93 in there!

    The car handles very well. Didn't get too crazy with it, but merging on to 66 to come home, I could feel how strong 3rd gear is now. The rear end just feela alot more stable (could be placebo effect) and the car feels more powerful. The CAI made it sound a little deeper and the tune definitely made it more responsive. This should keep me happy for about 4 months. Then LTs and duals. Chris and Larry said that when dynoing, they could find little to any difference between H-pipes and X-pipes (lucky if it is 1 HP), and said to choose based in sound. They weren't sure if the Prochamber would dyno more or not.

  2. Congrats on a super setup. I was wondering if you have traction control and does it still function with the detroit tru-trac?:nice:
  3. Beautiful, 205RWHP is kick ass. Nice job! :nice:
  4. man, you should be gettin into the mid to low 14's with that setup, you gotta let us know how it goes :)
  5. Sounds great!! 205 HP nice :D

    Did you get a chance to get any 1/4 or 0-60 times?

    The exhaust will definitly push you up even higher. The TT and 3.73 make the stang feel alot more solid in the rear and each gear pulls alot harder. How much of a diff do you think the CAI made? I was tossing around the idea to get one for mine , but I think I'm going to hold off for the s/c in the next few months (waiting for the winter to pass) since it will have its own.

    Nice numbers to both you guys - Excepcion and Rygen


    '05 Mustang 4.0 Auto - Black Side Stripes - Spoiler - Dual Magnaflows/Cat Back - 3.73 FRP Gears - Detroit TrueTrac - SCT2 93 Tune - Stock 16 Rims w/Dunlop M3's Winter Sport Tires for Winter - Ford 17" Bullit Rims w/ Pirelli for Summer
  6. She does feel a lot more solid, and I was out dricing in some slush ealier and ice tonight. The TT is awesome and the tune really unleashed some more of this car's potential. LT headers and a dual exhaust will be about it for her, I think. I see some Zex in her future, as well, but I doubt I will SC or TC her. But then again, Todd (Rygen) will probably convince me somehow or another!!

    The CAI did make a differene, IMO. The car seems to breath easier. However, as I got everything doen at once, i cannot pinpoint exactly what did what. The sound is throatier, the car is much more responisve, and feels a lot more powerful. More like power waiting to be unleashed. I accidentally pushed down to hard on the pedal in 2nd in the parking lot and got whiplash!! And third gear feels VERY strong. Not too bad for a "tiny" 4.0L!
  7. Get the Zex, then get a TC. Use a 75HP shot of n20 to give you power off the line while the powerhouse turbo spins up. LOL.
  8. Quick question. Where is the best place to buy Detroit TrueTrac? How does it respond when turning or hard cornering? thanks
  9. I don't know the best place, but I got mine from DTS.

    The TT was around $350.

    Hard cornering: Not exactly sure as I just got it installed today and the roads were icy. However, I had to whip it around a few corners to get a feel and it dfinitely made a difference. My car has sway bars, so it always stuck to the road nicely, but the TT made it feel even more solid, even with ice on the road. When I break it in a little more I can give you an upate and more information. The rear end feels A LOT more solid, and after 5,000 miles in 3 months, I have had a lot of continuous time in her to tell.

    @ ScreaminYellin6: The MMR intake might not be everybody's cup of tea, and Chris at Excessive had to fab some stuff to make sure it worked well with the car (a bracket and clamp to make sure it didn't rattle and he used the stock tubing with a little bit of the supplied tubing for that clean look), but an intake is a solid mod. In fact, I am very pleased with everything I put on.
  10. Thanks for the CAI info. It's tough not showing up every weeek with a new toy... these 4.0's take so well to them

    I agree Drivetrainspecialists do have the best price on the TT and I had it delivered to my house within a week of placing order. Really nice service too.
    btw - that TT was alot heavier than I thought it would be. I went ot lift the box and you could tell this was "solid"

    The TT really makes a differnce and happy you are enjoying it. Are you bringing back your ride to flush the gear fluid after 500+- miles. My guy said that it was not necessary and it seems like alot of different mechanics have differing views on it. They say if it was done right the first time , the rear should be perfect from then on.

    Stick shift must really rock on that ride. I got my SCT tune for 93 and asked Dan to really tightn up all my shifts point (real tight - Dan did say that it would shift hard and fast under pressure and boy does it :). Also got the torque limiters and goverenors taken out , which Dan also did say there are a whole bunch of on these 4.0 engines. There doesn't seem to be only one torque limter and/or givernors that does the trick.

    I love the smile I get - and thanks to screamins vid of his serious rubber laying - when I hit the gas and have Both rear tires pounding and you get to feel the power this car really has. I could swear that it had a 5.0 transplanted -lol. Its great to see some of the guys at the speed shops not believe that these cars are putting down that kinda of power and speed and are not V8 after they finish workin on them :nono:

    I thought all I was going to do to my pony was put a new GPS head unit instead, I have only done all sorts of performance mod's and leaving the fluff for later on. Speed and power comes first ;)

  11. Sweet list of mods you got! Have you had a chance to dyno your car yet, I am curious what your TQ numbers look like as mine are all off. But once I get an SCT and firm up my shift points I am expecting that to change. On your magnaflows, do you have the kit or did you go custom dual?
  12. OK - I'll bite

    So what's the bottome line here? How much $$$ was the whole deal / soup to nuts?

    Thanks in advance and congratulations!
  13. Here goes:

    TT: 350
    CAI: 350 (Yeah, I know)
    SCT: 379
    3.73s: 199
    Girdle: 150
    Reloc. Bracket: 60

    Parts: $1,500
    Labor & Dyno: $500

    Total: $2,000

    A good way to save $ on this is get the FR T-LOK, the Tunable Induction Intake w/SCT X-CAL II, the Motive gears, and forget the girdle. That would save you $400 on parts alone.

    This is just stage I for me, so the girdle and TT seemed reasonable.
  14. Nice numbers on the Dyno Excepcion.

    You guys are awesome!!!!!! Excepcion, Rygen, Screminyellin' and Scrming (whom has been absent lately unless I have inadvertantley missed him in the threads) you guys all have comparable set-ups. What I am noticing is that the 4.10s seem to be the preferential gear choice for the AOD. Any particular reason?

  15. I went with 3.73s so that I could still hit 60 in 2nd gear. I like the whole 0-60 thang...
  16. Nice to see on the boards. :D About the 4.10s on autos, its about utilizing the higher revs to maximize take offs. For sticks, it's easier to do this providing you are good on a manual, but for autos theres no manual control. So with the higher revs of the 4.10's, combined with a good SCT tune to firm up shifts, autos have a much better chance against a manual.

    Of course we have to put up with high rpm, but who cares. LOL. Of course we could go with a C4/5 tranny, but that is a whole other of which I am researching.

    Also, the preds are not good with the autos, they do not allow you to firm up your shift points. So mine is going on ebay, and this wednesday I am switching to SCT and getting a professional tune. I will post dyno's once I am done. Right now I am at 193 RWHP and 207 RWTQ. TQ is too low in my opinion and I think with a really good tune, I should be able to break 200RWHP, but we will see. I go to the same shop Excepcion13 goes to and they were able to get him to 205 which is sweeet. Since I'm an auto, if I can get to 201ish I will be very happy.

  17. LOL. Once you break them in, you have to do a hard launch and put up a post.
  18. Thanks Jenn - The gears with a tune and with a LSP type diff ( TT or Tlock's) makes this into a whole different ride. It feels stronger than a 5.0 of its day... I got the 3.73 's with the TT because I drive at about 75-80 mph 25+- miles to work each day and wanted something a little less loud than the 4.10. Also I think I may have narrowed down my S?C decision to the Vortech and the 3.73 supposedly are a great match for the s/c. Another few months til the weather clears here in NY - and the S/C goes in. I will make sure to keep everyone posted on progress

    The launches and rear end control puts a smile on your face from ear to ear :D
  19. Yeah.. sitting at the lower RPM band for a straight shot 25 miles at about 70mph+ with 4.10s wouldn't be the best use for them. hehhe...

    Vortech huh? They have put together a nice kit that is for sure.

    I just have a thing for the twin screw. Damn what's going on with Whipple and Lysholm? Did Whipple find a new distributor for a Twin Screw S/C for their blower kit? So many questions and no answers... darn it. :(


    As for the Tranny... C 4/5? Nah... I would like a 6 speed AOD with paddle shift, though. I am still intrigued with the one in the 06 Lexus IS. Woot.
  20. Yea, at 60 I'm ok driving into DC, but at 70 and 80 my magnaflows kill me wiht the 4.10's. It's not the engine, its the muffs. So that is another project. LOL. But I love how they feel in my auto. I just crank up some ACDC when I'm at 70....LOL.