Installing 07 shaker 500 in 05+ can give you XM or Sirius satellite radio

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    according to their website the untis are made to handle either xm OR sirius satellite radio because they only make one unit. Ford just specifies sirius to them because that is who they chose to deal with. So it seems to me that one could have XM and install an 07 Shaker head unit with the satellite option into their 05 and install what ever is necessary to use XM and have a shaker design picking up XM and looking super clean. What do you think? I wanna do it.
  2. do it and let me know what happens. but remember, these radios need to be programmed by a dealer. they need to pull info from the old shaker and put info into the new shaker. might be more costly than anticipated. it would be nice to have the satellite features built in for those of us that dont want to go aftermarket, or have an external satellite receiver.
  3. Ill bet you a Shelby GT you can put in an aftermarket radio with better sound and controls and display than you can put in a newer Shaker. I priced a unit for my wife's 2007 Marinier. Ford's cost was $600. That was no installation and no satellite.
  4. aftermarket radios are targets for theives. i prefer the stock radio in my mustang. i have had good luck with it, and it does not draw attention through the windows. :nice: but, for $600, i dont want satellite radio.
  5. That may be true but what I am trying to do is keep it stock and keep XM. On the Visteon page it says that an antenna (easy), Head unit (ebay), harness( plug and play) and modulator( prolly the hardest part) are the components of their system. You might be right in that this may take some time and money, so it might be a couple months but I am determined to have this set up and will let you all know how it goes down.
  6. Got it

    My 07 GT came with the Shaker 500, which is for me just about all the sound system I need as it sounds very good. I didnt know the others did'nt come with Sirius Satellite radio standard.

    I just renewed my first free 6 months subscribtion that came with the new car, and it has Low Jack also. The 07 Shaker 500 also has MP3 capability and you can plug your Ipod into a jack in the console and blast your tunes big time.

    The in dash 6 CD changer works perfectly and is a nice feature. Love this car. :D
  7. An aftermarket radio for less will display the names of songs, albums, etc. on the radio while the ipod is hidden in the console or glove box. The radio also charges the ipod and turns it on and off. You take have to touch the ipod except when removing it to update it. The factory radio can't touch those features.
    By the way, aftermarket also sounds better. I wish Ford would take a closer look at the aftermarket and provide some better headunits. It has partnered with Pioneer in the past for some vehicles.
    Satellite radio also provides Lowjack???
    This I would love to hear more about.
    2005 Mustangs did not have the aux imput for an ipod.
    And the $600 I mentioned was Ford's cost, not the consumers. And that was for the Shaker 500 and nothing else. Way too high compared to what you can get in the aftermarket.
  8. Actually the Shaker 500 in the 2007+ has 3 sat ins. You could run XM and Sirius if you wanted.
  9. I use my phone as an mp3 player ( Nokia 6131, great phone) and Im looking to see if I can use AD2P somehow to stream songs from my phone using the mobile ease that will be installed if it is worth the money.If it can connect through bluetooth to use the phone, it might be able to use bluetooth to stream music to my speakers like it does to AD2P devices.
  10. Only problem with after market head units is they look so cheesy, I would like to get a head unit for my DD and I won't put some homie radio in my car..

    Is there any good head units out there in the aftermarket without stupid flashing lights and cheesy graphics.. I am too old (30) to like stuff that is marketed to the tilted hat baggy pants crowd
  11. Newbie are all of the 2007 shaker 500 sat. ready? I'm looking for all internal connections also. Do not want a sat. head unit stuck to my dash.

  12. Yes all 2007 Shaker 500 and 1000 systems have the plug in the back for the Ford Factory module. You can use your existing unit with that module.
  13. I guess you could have XM, but why would you want to? :shrug:

    Sirius > XM
  14. I just pulled a Shaker 500 unit from my 07 GT (about 2 weeks old). PM me if you are interested.
  15. Trying to locate a module....Company called Electra Sound told me today that Delphi makes the module for 2007 Stang. Local dealers were No help. Electra Sound said the kit from Delphi was $419:jaw:
  16. =( That's the only thing about my '05... I didn't get all the pretty features of your later models... I have the shaker 1000 but now I bought a zune and I don't have a place to plug it in so after a few months with the static of a wireless fm tuner i got tired of it and went back to cds. What a waste of a $200 zune.
  17. Sirius sucks compared to XM.. Unfortunately, the antenna is not easy to get rid of..

    Let us know if it works out..
  18. I love my Sirius and my ipod.
  19. Is there anything I can buy if I have a 2005 GT with a shaker 1000 so I can plug an ipod or zune into it? I don't have a neat little jack =)
  20. A sound shop can fix you up with an fm modulator. Other than that, change head units.