Installing 07 shaker 500 in 05+ can give you XM or Sirius satellite radio

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  1. Eh, I'm like the other guys I like the stock look... looks clean... I changed head units before in my last car just doesn't have that clean new look. I'll check out a fm modulator because the fm transmitter that I had for my zune was horrible... a bunch of static and I tried different stations, plus the quality of putting the music on a cd is much better has more bass and everything.
  2. Update

    My car is on the way with sat radio option. I am going to attempt to call XM and register the product number just like a Delphi device. Here is what it says on the website.

    "Visteon's Satellite Radio System features an innovative head unit that can accept the decoded signals of either XM or SIRIUS satellite radio transmissions – thus avoiding the need for two different head units for the two services. Given two subscription options, consumers can identify their preference of satellite radio service providers at the point of purchase. Installation of the required components can be done at the factory or in the dealership.

    I am bound and determined to Pick up XM radio with this head unit.
  3. To do something like this... would be soooo much easier and less costly to just use an aftermarket headunit. :shrug:
  4. Sirius is buying XM. The deal was just approved by the courts though it still has to be approved by the FCC.
  5. My dealer told me it would be about 300.00$ to convert my 07 shaker 500 to sirus, which is cool, I like the big buttons on the stock head unit.
  6. You may want to hold off on doing this.... As stanmckinney said, the federal government just approved a merger between Sirius and XM. Shouldn't be too much longer until the FCC approves it, and a new pricing plan is released.

    Most likely, you'll be able to get both services with only one receiver, as part of the deal with the government. If you add the additional receiver now, you may just be wasting your money....
  7. I'm not surprised that they are compatible with both Sirius and XM radio. Those two companies have gotten to go ahead from the Justice Department to merge. The last step now, I think, is to get the FCC to say it's OK.
  8. I'm sure that Sirius will continue to use the XM hardware and just call it Sirius from now on. They might eventually phase out the XM hardware in cars, but good business sense would say to make it all work for the users that are currently subscribed to the XM radio plan.
  9. I wouldn't install XM/Sirius if they paid me a monthly fee... The satellite antennas are fugly. I wish Ford went to the integrated defroster antenna for the Mustang. My 2000 Crown Vic is free of antennae and my AM/FM reception is crystal clear.
  10. I have the Ford antenna on my car because they drilled the trunk to mount it. That was stupid. And because I added an aftermarket headunit to get ipod controls I liked, the satellite receiver had to be changed. I was told that are not universal, which I also think is stupid. The antennas apparently are not universal either, which I also think is stupid.
    To make my point, I had to add another antenna or remove the factory and fix the trunk. The second antenna, the one I actually use, is mounted UNDER the rear deck. It is not visible and works just fine.
    So, it is possible to hide that ugly antenna. Just don't let Ford drill your trunk at the factory to mount it. (That means add it later).
  11. I dunno....I've never really been bothered by the little 1 1/2" diameter sized circle in the middle of my dash. My wires are hidden and it's totally unobtrusive?

    ....I've seen a lot uglier things owners put on their Mustangs that a little Twonie sized antena? :shrug:
  12. Yeah I saw that merger just happened. The only reason sirius is popular is because of Howard Stern in my opinion. I have heard both and like XM better, even though they are basically the same with minor nuances depending on your sports preference. I also thought that they were going to basically combine programming and still call it XM , not Sirius. Never the less my car already has the sat option and the trunk mounted antenna. I think Visteon was smart to have a head unit that did both- which was almost 3 years ago then they started making them. I wont buy an aftermarket head unit for XM unless it is less than converting the Visteon unit. It has to be something simple like programming the unit or something like that.
  13. The FCC still has to approve. Sirius has a web site devoted to this and is asking people to email their representatives and ask that the FCC approve it. The site also says no radios will be obsolete. There will be new packages, some with combined elements of both services. Prices, the site says, will not go up.
    I've not seen a factory antenna for the dash??
  14. In response to all the antennae posts, why the hell did American manufacturers stop integrating the antennae in the defroster/windshield?

    My buddy has a 1970 Chevy Nova SS with an antennae built into the windshield, that get better FM reception than my brand new S197. Even worse, I have a 1940 Packard, that had an antennae built into the rear windshield. The AM stations in that car sound as good as any FM I can get in my mustang....

    Cleaner design, and better sound quality (from my experience YMMV), yet it is almost gone from modern design... I just don't understand. We had the ability to do away with this crap 70 years ago, yet modern manufacturers haven't caught on. Granted, satellite is much different from standard radio, but the concept is the same.....
  15. These add an auxiliary input (plug in for your mp3 player). You will have to remove the radio because this plugs in to the back of the factory unit.

    Don't go the FM modulator route they work okay in the middle of nowhere, but they don't work to well in town. And there is almost always added static noise.