Installing '99 up PBR calipers on my '95

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  1. Gonna be upgrading the calipers soon. Just wanna see exactly what I have to do to install these calipers on my '95 GT. I know I have to do a little grinding somewheres. Anyone got links/pics?
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  3. I just installed the cobra brake kit on my car yesterday, which I beleive uses the same PBR calipers. I didnt' have to do any grinding and they just bolted right up.
  4. i did this on my car a couple of months ago. super easy to do. here is the site i used to guide me threw it. the grinding that is involved took about 1 minute per spindle with the use of a bench grinder. and i do recomend to get some paint on them now, while they are off the car, if you plan to go that route. Also my stock brake lines would not work on the new calipers. the drivers side worked but the passenger side would not. i ended up just getting some SS brake lines for 99+ mustangs.

    here is a pic of them on my car:


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  5. It took me awhile to grind down the area needed to fit the 99+PBR (GT mustang brakes). I was using a dremel but it shot craps and I ended up putting the bit in a worked just slower. I just set the caliper up and ground until it would clear the spindle. ALOT of test fitting to see were it was hitting that way. Still maybe 3-4hrs total over 2 days.

    I also recomend cleaning up and painting the calipers while they are off. I did and glad I did.
  6. Thanks yall! I think I will paint them red also... So the rotors are still the same for '94-'04 GT/V6 cars, yes?
  7. few q's for ya:
    what was the problem with ur passenger side line not working? i just picked up my set today. from a 2001 gt. came with the lines mounted on the calipers still & some meaty rotors, altho i got my eye on some nice lookin ebay rotors:D i may order some ss lines as well (ask for '99 up, yes?). i see them for like $75 from maximum motorsports. also, did u powder coat urs red or paint em?

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  8. i have a set of these calipers sittin in my garage. im doing them along with every other peice of my suspension in the fall (once i need new brakes). im gonna leave mine unpainted cause i dont have any color/bling on my car
  9. the problem i was having with the passenger side line, was that on the block thing, the hole was not centered on it. so that when i went to put it on, the block was hitting that lip on the pbr calipers that goes around where the banjo bolt goes. it looked as if it needed to be flipped around, but that could not be done. here is a pic of the block thing i am talking about.

    i ended up puttin 94-98 cobra SS lines on, only because i had them laying around already. these have worked perfectly so far. i am almost positive that the 99+ would work as well, but have not personally tried them.

    about the calipers themselves. i used about 4 coats of paint that i got in that, i think, duplicolor kit from advance auto. And the white mustang on them is just a decal i ordered.

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  10. I used the 99+ lines direct swap to the hard line. The only issue I had was that the factory banjo bolts were gone...dunno what happend to them as I helped take them off a buddies 2000gt that we put a baer kit on. They cost like 20$ a pop as they are now some re-list part that is from another car and $$$. That really isnt an issue though if you have the banjo bolt though.
  11. Why not just do the Cobra brakes whats the advantage here?
  12. only advantage is their cheaper and you dont need new rotors.

    but cobra brakes :drool: are a very nice mod
  13. I guess this is a good place to get your OPinions..Mach 1 brakes,bullit brakes, or black cobra brakes? What do you guys think they are all the same the look is the only thing that change.
  14. yup mach/cobra/bullitt calipers (dual piston) are all the same. use the same 13" rotors. only difference is the color/cobra writing.

    there is a slight difference in the 94-98 and 99+ cobra brakes tho. the 99+ uses slightly larger pistons in the calipers, but otherwise the same

    and FYI the 2000 cobra R brembo kit uses the same 13" rotors as the cobra/mach/bullitt but comes with sick 4 piston brembo calipers
  15. you need 17" wheels and i dont plan on swapping out my waffles anytime soon
  16. Not all 17's will clear the cobra brakes either. The TTII's dont fit without a spacer, the spokes are the issue of clearance.

    The 99+ gt/v6 front caliper swap is better than the 94-98 gt front brakes. The 94-98's have a iron single piston caliper. The 99+ is an alum. PBR twin piston, the twin pistons are actually larger than the cobra's but since they are on a smaller dia. rotor they have less leverage over the larger cobra rotor.

    Running the 99+ caliper with some good pads will be worth while as an upgrade, and for the cost ( I have around 140$ in mine total) over a cobra swap...not bad.

    Now that said...the cobra upgrade kits are NICE and priced well. If I see the need to step up (and use a spacer on my rims) I will def. get the cobra setup.
  17. What he said ^