Engine Installing A 5.0 In A '96 Six Cylinder Body.

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  1. I'm converting a 1996 six cylinder Mustang into an SCCA road race car and have to run a 5.0 (with a carburetor) per class rules. Also per the rules I cannot use an aftermarket K member.
    I've been told that in order to fit a 5.0 into a '96 body I need to install a '94 -'95 K member from a 5.0 (since the '96 V-8 option was a 4.6). Two questions:
    1) Is this correct, do I have to change to a '94-'95 K member?
    2) If I have to change to a '94-'95 K member does it have to be from a 5.0 or will a six cylinder K member also work?
  2. I have a V8 K-member I'm not using. I don't know if the V6 one is the same or not.

  3. Any k-member from a 94-95 will work. I dropped a Cobra 5.0 into my 94 V6, and the k-member worked perfectly. The main problem you're going to have is wiring. You'll have to swap over all the wiring in the engine bay, and you'll need a 94-95 GT computer as well. You'll need a 94-95 GT instrument cluster and you may need the dash wiring as well. You have a lot of work ahead of you, my friend.
  4. Why would he need the computer if he is going carb'd setup?
  5. True, I didn't think about that.
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