Installing A Fuel Pressure Gauge

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  1. Can anyone let me know what kind of fuel pressure gauge I should get and where to install? my fuel rail has no provision for such a thing (unless I can somehow use it in conjunction with the return line valve in the rail.

    I have EFI in my '65 Mustang. the fuel lines are all custom and I'm using AN fittings for some of it so I'm guessing I can tap into those. I just need a recommendation from someone on which gauge to get that will handle the PSI. I'm worries the car is starving for fuel but there's no way to tell without a gauge.

  2. Whst fuel pressure regulator are you using? Some have a povision for a gauge.
  3. It's just a standard regulator that came with the fuel rail I'm using (which is a stock ford rail).

    It sounds like ordering a new regulator might easily solve my problem here too
  4. Oh, and any fuel pressure gauge will work. Mine is from Performance Fuel systems and can be had for about $30 through Summit
  5. What rails? Is there a schrader valve somewhere in there?
  6. the problem is these regulators are all $100 or so. Any cheaper alternatives?
  7. no schrader valve on these rails.
  8. You have some stock Ford rails with everything else custom?
  9. yea. I tried to save money where I could. I really don't want to plop down $100-200 for custom rails if the stock ones will do the same thing.
  10. I understand that for sure. Thats why i got sn95 rails that have a schrader valve right on the rail for a gauge mount. :D

    Now you're gonna have to get creative and find a way, most likely gonna require some an fittings which arent cheap. Assume the rails have quick connects on them?
  11. yea they have quick connects. I'll check craigslist for SN95 rails. I might even have one already since I'm using an explorer GT40 intake. I think the rails that were on there had the schrader valve but I was unsure of the quick connect locations interfering with the intake and accessories.
  12. What lines do you have leading up to and connecting to the rails?
  13. Explorer rails wont work. They only have one crossover
  14. I have stainless steel lines running from the tank to the engine compartment.
    in the engine compartment I have AN fittings converting the stainless lines to flexible steel wrapped lines. then I have AN fittings for the quick connect fittings at the fuel rail
  15. They make an adaper like this that has the gauge port on ot

  16. yea I saw that exact item. I was going to use that. I just can't remember if I used -6an or -8an.
  17. This is a cheap gauge that just works.


    Can buy direct from pfs for under $20
  18. what PSI should the gauge go up to?

    Edit: nevermind, answered my question.
  19. Do you have an adjustable pressure regulator?
  20. Nope, Just the stock regulator. I should probably replace that as well since it's most likely old and bad.