Installing A Fuel Pressure Gauge

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  1. what's a decent adjustable one? I see holley has one at Summitt for $75.
  2. Kirban, but if the Holley has a port for a gauge...
  3. Hold the press, does Holley even make one for EFI?
  4. the holley doesn't I'm gonna get that adapter for the AN fittings and then get the holley adjustible. Anything that has a port for the gauge is like $150 or more.
  5. Make sure whatever you get, it mates up to your rails. Some rails require a 2 bolt regulator, some a 3 bolt
  6. Kirban over that one for sure
  7. Cool thanks guys. I'll take a look and see what route I want to go.
  8. fwiw, I would highly recommend against a fuel pressure gauge that mounts on the schrader valve. That is a fire waiting to happen. On most cars you set it and forget it. I have a Kirban FPR and when I need to check the pressure, I hook up a gauge to the schrader valve with a test gauge and then put the schrader valve back in.
  9. Fuel pressure gauge adapter fittings: AN 4 to 1/16” pipe 1/16” male pipe to 1/8” female pipe


    I made my own pressure gauge and holder. I bought the NOS or Autometer adapter that you screw into the place on the fuel line where the schrader valve goes. You have to remove the Schrader valve, but save it, since you will reuse it. I ran a piece of SS (stainless steel) braided hose to a 1/8” pipe brass tee fitting that I mounted on the fender well by the MAF. I made a mount bracket out of aluminum angle I got from Home depot and bolted it to the fender well. Then I mounted the brass tee to it with some machine screws and a plate. I sandwiched the brass tee between the aluminum angle and a flat piece of aluminum that I trimmed off the extra aluminum angle. Three screws laid out in a triangle pattern go through both pieces of aluminum to clamp the tee in place. Put the Schrader valve in the spare port of the brass tee. I used a cheap industrial gauge from MSC Direct ( P/N 56468499 ). Be aware that the gauge shown in the picture has a different scale from 0-60 PSI. It works great and was cheaper than (less than $9) anything Summit had.

    If you look through the MSC Direct catalog, you can find any type of gauge you want, including liquid filled. You only need a liquid filled gauge if you mount it directly on the engine. The liquid filling dampens out the vibrations.

    You can buy the Autometer Stainless Steel braided hose for like $60. Or a local shop that makes hydraulic hose assemblies can make it for you at a cheaper price. Ordinary low pressure hydraulic hose can be used in place of the Stainless Steel braided hose, the Stainless Steel braided hose just looks nice. I got mine for $4 at a place that sells industrial and military surplus parts of all kinds. The Stainless Steel braided hose goes for about $4+ a foot and the fittings are probably about $6-$10 each. You can make your own and save some $$$, the shops may have a setup or labor charge to fabricate the hose assembly.

    [ FPGauge9.jpg FPGauge5.jpg

    Safety device to prevent major fuel loss in the event of a failure of the hose, fittings or gauge...
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  10. I put a fuel pressure gauge on the hard feed line behind the alternator. Actually the previous owner did. I put on a nice glycerin filled one after the chitty one broke... Its where the schrader valve used to go, but looks like the previous owner took it out and put in a 1/8 npt elbow which the gauge threads into.
  11. Careful with them fuel gauges, see my recent mishap
  12. I saw a lot of Madspeed posts in this thread.... Careful what he tells you about this topic. :runaway:
  13. Too soon? :shrug:
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  14. Mother effer
  15. Hahaha... What happened though. I missed it.
  16. So I am fairly sure I have a gauge just installed where the Schrader valve was. What is the issue and can I fix it with hard fittings right in the area rather than with the remote line? @jrichker
    @madspeed How is it a fire problem more than a bike tube stem is already?