Installing a GT/CS Rear Bumper Cover

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  1. Installing a CS rear bumper cover

    For those that care to know....
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    DISCLAIMER:I am no mechanic, nor pretend to be. I'm self-teaching or just trying to use common sense. You might find your superior skills at mechanics might find an easier way of doing this, if so, please do! :D

    You will need:The bumper cover (lol...Just a little humor to break the monotony), a 7/16" DEEP socket, Pop-rivet pulling tool or blade-type screwdriver, stubby Phillips-style screw driver, replacement rivets and pop-rivets in case you break any, 7/16 open-ended wrench, silicone.

    Start: Through the trunk, remove the trim panel between the tail lamps, set aside. Remove tail lamps themselves, set aside. I found it easier to just remove the sockets from the assemblies themselves. This is what you will need the open ended wrench for. There are three bolts holding the tail lamps to the chassis. If you have the Shaker 1000 like I do, prepare for some fun with the passenger side lamp, muahaha.

    Step 2:Using the stubby driver, remove the two screws holding the bumper to the chassis, just aft of the rear wheels. Some might find it easier to remove the wheels themselves, I thought it to be more time consuming so I got the stubbiest driver I could find and it worked. There are two screws on each side.

    Step 3: Underneath the trim panel, there are four access holes that expose the four long screws holding the bumper and light assembly to the chassis, use the deep socket and remove all four. ***Be extremely careful when taking the bolts out, you will need to do this 'Operation' style ( as in the old game, Operation, don't touch the sides!!! )
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    Step 4:Underneath the car at the back, you will see three pop rivets holding the bumper cover to the car, remove these. Bumper is now ready to be 'pulled' off.
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    Step 5:GENTLY, pull the bumper out, starting at each wheel, pull in an outward motion. You will hear loud pops as the bumper pulls away from the support tabs. There are two on each side and one larger corner support on each side near the tail lamps
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    Step 6:There is a wiring harness assembly that is attached to the bumper cover that must be removed for mounting on the new piece, there are metal rivets holding it in on either side, pry these apart, again, being very careful, until they separate. The long screws are insterted along the bumper cover tabs on the top, they are held on by three rivets and some silicone around each end. Pry this off until the assembly and the cover separate. set the cover aside on something soft so you don't scratch it.
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    Step 7:Remove the side markers from the old bumper cover ( they pop right out ) and the license plate lamp ( along with the plate, haha ) and transfer to the new bumper.
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    Step 8: REASSEMBLY Re-attach the wiring assembly to the new bumper cover. You will need those new rivets to replace the old ones or you can use the silicone to hold in place. The piece will hold by itself when the bumper is assembled with those four bolts when reassembled. The choice is up to you how extensive you wish to perform this.

    Step 9:Re-snap the new cover onto the car, carefully, making sure the two screw points on either side of the car at the rear wheels are lined up properly. Re-attach screws and pop-rivets underneath the car. NOTE. The CS rear bumper's middle support is mounted differently on the car it was made for, If you are installing this on a non-CS Mustang, you may not be able to re-attach the middle support. Re-install tail lamps and inner panel. You are now finished. Enjoy the new look!

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