installing a modular k-member question

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  1. Gotta question about fitting a 4.6 liter sn95 k-member to a fox. I am wanting to drop a 4.6 in my car, but I am uncertain as to the procedure, some people say you have to cut it off in the back and elongate the rear holes, some say the bushings for the lower control arms have to be reversed, some say use the fox lower control arms. I would like to hear the skinny from someone who has actually performed the mod. If it bolts right in after cutting the back down a bit then I’ go for it, I don’t know that the fox body lca’s are the same as the sn95 lca as my fox lca’s look smaller than the 97 gt lca’a.

    One more question, does the 97 gt steering rack have the same size fittings as the rag joint on the fox.
  2. I'm pretty sure you can use fox control arms but I haven't used an SN95 4.6 k-member...I sprung for one from PA racing to fit a Fox. That being said, I did just read something about elongating the rear mount holes in the forward direction to fit a fox, and trimming is likely required on the aft perches...nothing a die grinder and power grinder can't fix. The control arm bushings-not terribly sure though. I believe it has something to do with centering the wheel in the well. If you don't swap them, your wheels will be too far aft and may rub.

    If by same size fittings, you mean the spline shaft, I believe they are the same-but you might wanna do some more research-if you go to Summit, they have aftermarket shafts and will show application years...that would probably be your best bet to find out interchange info.
  3. cool, thats a load off the mind, i wanted to go with an AJE tubular set-up, but after the cost of aquiring the vehicle with low miles, shipping, and finding that a lot of the parts on the v-8 model are destroyed/damaged or missing, ive got my self in a bind. so i shall continue as planned. i am still trying to figure out the wirng to mate it to the fox. it doesnt look too difficult. a stock k-memmber is cool for now. my major concern at the moment is finding a pats transciever coil that goes on the steering collumn, i've trie all the bone yards and so far no luck.

    i'm still trying to fugure out why my post landed up in the tuning section, it took a longtime to post, and i couldnt find it under 5.0 talk, i found it here just by reading the tuning section!!!! it's all good......
  4. Do you really really want the PATS?