Installing additional Speakers 93 LX

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  1. Hi im trying to add on two speakers to my 1993 mustang lx. It has all stock audio. They will lay in the back of the hatch. How do i go about doing this?
  2. You have the 4 factory speakers and that's all?
  3. Yes the 4 stock speakers are in my car. I want to add 2 free standing speakers. Not mounted where there originals are. The speakers I want to add are boxed like subs would be and have wires for hooking them up.
  4. There's a bunch of ways you could run it. The easiest would be to get an amp with a line-level input to power the speaker box. You'd run from your rear speaker output to the line-level input of the amp to the speaker box. If you plan to run the factory head unit or el-cheapo equivalent, then this is how I'd run it. The reason is that it's never going to sound good no matter what you do anyway.

    To do it right:

    Ditch the speaker box all together. Also get rid of the factory head unit, and all factory speakers and front channel factory amp hidden under the dash cap. Install new dash speakers, rear speakers, wiring, and get either some door panel speakers or kick panels and speakers from Crutchfield. Install a clean line level amp for the in-dash speakers and door or kick panel speakers. Install a two channel amp for the rears and a single channel amp for a sub-woofer or find a quality 4 channel amp for the rears with a bridgeable channel for the sub (making it three channels bridged). This amp should also have a built in cross-over for the bridgeable sub-woofer channel.

    This solution will you a finished look and if you select the speakers well, will sound a hundred times better than what you have now or what your speaker box will sound like.
  5. I was also wondering about this... though I have an after market head unit... can you not just run speaker wire from the rear speakers and attach them directly to the additional speakers?