Installing Aftermarket Amp in a 2011, Is there a harness out yet?

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  1. Im looking to do an aftermarket amp system and keeping the factory navi unit in my 2011. Is there any harness out yet that will allow me to do so or will I be splicing wires, using a Line output converter or something? Anyone got any setups or install pics you want to share?

    I bought a Kicker 10ZX700.5 amps. Its a 5 channel to power the four interior speakers and a 12'. The door subs will be powered by stock amps, but might change it to a Kicker ZX350.4 Bridged to 175x2. My door subs are the Shelby Kicker subs, and I looked them up. They are CVt 8' with 2ohm loan, 200rms and 400max.

    I used a Kicker 05ZX700.5 before in my S2000 and LOVED it. Also heard so many good reviews about the alpine pdx series, that I would love to try it.

    My 6x8s are Pioneer TS-D6802R. Sound different than stock and sound like they are begging for an amp to power them.
  2. Subscribing.
  3. boyd,

    I found the info i needed. The harness is a AOEM-Frd24 harness from pac. It plugs between the radio and the factory amp, giving you the factory amp signals, but its only 4 channels. For subs you would have to tap the wires sadly. I bought a 11ZX700.5 Kicker amp (85 x 4 plus a [email protected]) I had actually ordered a 10ZX700.5 for $260 brand new, but the company screwed up and sent me the 11ZX700.5 (sells for like $450ish) by accident.. hehe im not complaining

    Im debating on keeping only door subs or adding a 12' though..
  4. I doubt a 12 foot subwoofer would fit in your trunk ;)
  5. lol well i wanted to make sure the people in the state over can hear me coming

    I guess a 12" sub would have to work for now then
  6. DO NOT use the AOEM-FRD24. It will not give a sub output.The radio does not give a full range output, so if this part is used, you will not get a correct sub signal. You are better off tapping to the sub output which is the 3rd plug (8 pin plug)

  7. Im not using the FRD24 for the sub output. I have a 5 Channel Amp. The FRD24 will give me the 4 channels needed for the four 6x8 speakers. What I am gonna do is rewire the door sub wires to the amp using a LOC, then back to the door subs. The door subs I have now are the Shelby kickers, which are the CVT 8" 2ohm subs with 200watt rms/400max, and my sub channel puts out 420ish watts. I know that the 4 channels i get from the FRD24 will not be full range, they will be mid/high, which is what I want to get a good sound for the 6x8s.

    Before I get any flame about my 5 Channel amp, I had this same amp in my S2000 and that sound system sounded and hit better than most guys running two amps. My old S2000 was running four Pioneer TS-D161R, (older verions of TS-D1602R), with a Pioneer TS-W2501D4 subwoofer. (Yeah I know the sub was overkill for my amp...)

    Reason I am doing all this is because I do not want to rip out the stock navi unit, I dont want to tap or cut into any wires, and also I want to be able to return it to stock if I decide to trade it in or sell it later on down the road. Im also not looking for a bass thumping, ground pounding system, I just want it to be louder and hit better, while still keeping the music good and clean

    If by some reason the sound quality suffers badly, I can throw in an equalizer or an OEM integration unit to clean up the sound, but the FRD24 should give a mid/high speaker signal, it should come out to exactly what I want, since I will run the 6x8s with the high pass only anyways. If I am wrong about the FRD24 giving out a mid/high signal, please let me know though. Thanks
  8. I personally didnt use the AOEM in mine. After we designed the part, i didnt like the fact that the stock radio is crossing over the signal and it cannot be changed. When changing the speakers, this frequency doesnt always work the best.

    The part was originally deigned for a base model non amplified system, but they havent listened to me to put a note about that on the PAC site.
  9. Well after a long time... I finally went in and installed this. Im happy to say that the AOEM-FRD24 harness worked PERFECTLY and my system sounds AMAZING!! Instead of powering the door subs with the Kicker 11ZX7005, I went ahead and got a Kicker 10" 2ohm L5 Solobaric sub for the trunk. It sounds like a theater in my car. The only thing we had to tap in to was for the sub channel. The music goes almost all the way to max sounding clear, after about 90% of max or so it gets too loud. The bass compliments the music perfectly, hits nice tight and hard, but none of that ghetto bass like other systems. But it can be turned up to hit even harder if I wanted to, I keep it at about 50%. The sync voice system suprised me the first time since I normally have it set to 100% for alerts, and it was almost deafening when it alerted me the first time after the install. 40% volume is perfect for it now. All of the navigation/sync/wheel controls/etc features work like normal (after we realized we forgot to reconnect the sat radio antenna), no issues at all, looks stock, and wont take but an hour to return to stock if i wanted to.

    Only issue was that it took us a while to figure out that the amp is located in the trunk and not behind the dash like everywhere says... Maybe its cause I have the navigation system Besides that, I would definately recommend the AOEM-FRD24 for a mustang that you want to keep OEM looking but need more music power