Installing an after market CD/reveiver

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  1. I have Mach 460 which is total garbage. I'm tired of getting my CD's stuck and i'm going to buy an after market stereo. Is ther some sort of adapter I have to buy to install? I know I just cant hook up a car stereo because of the factory amps? :shrug: Thanks in advance.
  2. i just went to circuit city & had them install it b/c i heard about all the wiring problems w/ the mach...i figured id just throw an extra 75 bucks out there to not even have to worry about it...but a lot of those places do free installs if you purchase a head unit from them
  3. You need wiring harness thing. They sell them at kragen autozone etc.. for like $10. Makes it easyer when you install it. No splicing needed. Ive installed like 10+ radios in mustangs.
  4. Best Buy supposedly has FREE INSTALLATION on head units. Then when you tell them you have the mach 460 they say "well that will cost $80" because its harder to install and they have to do some crossovers or whatever. I had the headunit at my house and after thinking it over i didnt care that much about getting a new one. Would a new one sound better or worse than the stock one (because i feel that for a stock unit it has some pretty decent bass, although you can never have enough)
  5. is this the crossover thing their talking about? if it is, it looks like a peice of cake to install and it comes with the wiring harness. Its only 39 bucks. I'll be dammed if I let best buy rip me off 80 bucks.



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  6. yeah that is the adapter I used on mine. I went through crutchfield and they will tell you everything you need and is a piece of cake to install yourself. Is your the stereo with the in-dash 6 disc? If I remember correctly, they don't make an adapter for that one yet, at least they didn't within the past year. I had the stock stereo with the single cd. I think in 01+ they changed to the 6 disc and there is something different about that one. Go to and enter your car year, make, and system type and they will come up with everything you need to do it yourself.
  7. i got my alpine off of ebay...and i heard so many mixed reviews on the install so i just said f it and took it to circuit city...

    and when i went there the guys were like too bad man, if you wouldve bought the head unit here we wouldve gave you a free installation so who knows...
  8. Yeah mine is the in dash 6 disc changer. Outputs are outputs I dont see why mine would be any different from the 01 with single disc? After all that adapter is for models 88 and up. I'll call crutchfield tomorrow to clarify this. Thanks for the info.

  9. BUMMER! I just called crutchfield and they said I have to replace the factory amps! :mad: Anyone here knows where the factory amps in an 02 convertible are located? I need to get a better picture of what exactly I have to do.
  10. Alright, I work at Circuit City in the Roadshop department so I know what to do. First I need to know which head unit you are trying to put in, and how many sets of preouts it has. Then I can give you all the direction you need.
  11. Y2K_Mustang: I have a 2000 vert and am looking to install ANY aftermarket unit that will sound better than my current stock 460 one. What would you suggest? How difficult is the install? :hail2:
  12. You don't have to replace factory amps, you just have to splice one of the wires so the amps don't "click" on like mine used to.
  13. You don't need to know preouts. I just quit from CC about a month ago.
  14. V_Eight I can understand why you would quit, your brilliance can hardly be contained. Anyway, AmBo, go to Circuit City and ask for part number MET 805511. This is a wiring harness that plugs into your factory harness. When you decide on which headunit you want, Circuit City also carries the part that goes directly into the headunit, so you don't have to cut and splice. However, you are going to need to cut the black, rectangular part of the MET 805511 about half way down. Tape the wires still on the harness together, and strip the eight wires that lead into the black connector itself. Get a cheap set of RCAs and cut them in half and strip the coating off of them, be carefull because each wire contains two seperate strands of wire. Just connect the eight wires from the black plug to the eight wires from the RCAs. All you do then is hook them into the Front and Rear outputs on the back of your headunit. This makes them a low level signal and not a high level, and you don't get the amplification from the aftermarket headunit to your factory amps. You will not need any type of mounting bracket for the 99-00 years. To do this you will need three sets of preouts. V_Eight you're an idiot.
  15. That headunit looks like it would do the trick nicely. To be honest with you, the install takes about 10 minutes. Put the Ford Removal keys in the Cassette Player, and remove it. Disconnect all the plugs from the back, put the new cage into the stock location and then connect the wires like I said in my previous post. After this is done, just connect the two aftermarket plugs to the stock harnesses, and connect the antenna, then slide the headunit into place. The stock CD player does just sit there and look ugly, but you can take that out and get a little sleeve to replace it for $15. Anything else, let me know.
  16. Great conclusions, jackass.

    I stood there and watched my good friend install it in roadshop, so I kinda know what went on. :rolleyes:
  17. So Y2K, if I buy the headunit, then go to Circuit City, they will do all this stuff for me? I'd rather do it right then uff up everything.

    I also have a Kenwood 800watt amp in the trunk to a 12" Kicker Comp. Right now I use a signal splitter to get a signal to the amp. I'd love to have it direct to a HU of some sort.
  18. V_Eight, so you "stood there and watched"? You "kinda knowing" takes a back seat to me being a trained installer and doing it everyday. Thanks for the input again though.

    AmBo, yes if you take to them they will do it all. If you have that third set of preouts on your HU then it will be able to control the sub right from there and get rid of that line level converter that you are using now Expect to pay in the area of $80 for labor plus the Metra harness.
  19. Trained!? By e-learning, huh? :rlaugh: