Installing an after market CD/reveiver

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  1. He works at a Circuit City. How is that e-learned...
  2. At Circuit City, you learn by looking at a computer for your training, it's called e-learning.
  3. actually it isnt. in the computer industry it's called "CBTs": Computer Based Training. It is extremely common. How else would you learn? If you had no or little prior knowledge it's better to get a better understanding by reading rather than being thrown onto a project.

    Gotta learn somehow right? I guess Stangnet is my e-learning tool.
  4. This thread seems to be a little short on tech and a little long on needless and poorly crafted insults... :notnice:
  5. i had a pioneer deck in mine. went in with only a bracket kit thingy and a wiring adapter. i had a sub, so i ran the deck thru the factory amps.
  6. I recently replaced my Mach 460 deck with a Pioneer & that adapter, both from Crutchfield. The black plug coming out of the adapter connects to the speaker harness in the car. It was not a good fit; the wires kept pushing out of the back of the Scosche plug, losing speaker connections as I was driving. After trying two adapters, both with the same problem, I cut off the plugs for the adapter & the car's harness & hardwired it up. No problems since.

    *PS - knock it off with the catfighting, you two.

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  7. Regardless of what you call it, you don't need to be messing with peoples prized posessions with no experience. Let some moron wash your car with a dirty rag and see what I'm getting at.
  8. The wiring harness that is needed for a 01+ is the MET 801771. This is all one plug, but to do the same thing I mentioned before just cut the white, white/black, green, green/black, grey, grey/black, purple, and purple/black wires and run those to the RCAs. Tape off the end going into the aftermarket HU, and the other end is the one to run to the RCA preouts. Same concept, very simple to do. Now, does anyone else need their car washed with my "dirty rag"?
  9. Installing an Alpine 9855 or 9853 in a 2000 GT with Mach 460>>>

    Resurrecting this thread as I wiull be purchasing my head unit this weekend. I am looking at adding the Alpine 9853 or 9855 to my 2000 Mustang GT with the Mach 460 system. I only want to add the head unit, and use the factory amps.

    Which harness do I want - the Metra or the Schorse? Also, if the Metra is the best option, which Metra specifically do I need for the 2000 GT that has the two units, the tape and the CD? Thanks in advance for any specific help that can be offered.

  10. may have some info, and crutchfield's reps can tell you which kit you need if you call them up and ask. :nice: