Installing caster camber plates...

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  1. I'm about to install a set of caster camber plates and I am wondering how do I install them so they are aligned as close as possible from the get go.
    Also, does anyone have alignment procedures that I can do to set the caster/camber?
    I don't know any shops locally that will touch aligning my car with these?
    What have you done to get yours aligned?

  2. the tie rods wont let it toe in and toe out on you so thats a plus and as far as seting the pitch for the camber use tape measure. measure the top of the strut nut in relivence to the other one (or any set point) then when you install your plates make sure the nut is back in the same measured position and you should be good to go. and jsut repeat process for the other side.
  3. Do you mean measure the thread length that's protruding past the strut nut?

  4. Unless you get the top of the strut in the exact spot it was, your caster, camber and toe will likely all be out. Even though you didn't move you tie-rods, any time camber changes, toe changes. Any good alignment shop should do your alignment since adding the plates makes the alignment easier to complete and more accurate adjustments can be made.
  5. no measuring the position of the nut itself. measure it form any givin position on the car. a reference point. if need be i will MSpaint you something to show what im talking about
  6. I believe what BK_CAULEY is talking about Triangulation.
    In my case when I replace my C?C plates I use the center of the shaft of Strut sticking past the nut that hold the strut into place.
    Measure say from the center of the hole in the pinch weld to the center of the strut, and then take another measurement say from the center of the radiator cap to the center of the strut,and the take one more measurement say from the center of one strut to the center of the other strut.

    Measure from points that you know won't move when taking your measurements and make suture you write them down.
  7. Please do...
  8. something like this. you can also use strings just tape them to set points and cut them to fit the point on top of the shock tower.

  9. it now.
    Thanks man...much appreciated.
    BTW...that's a sweet engine bay. :nice:
  10. caster and camber will effect your tow.. and your car will pull to the side with more positive caster. just take lots of measurments before you take stuff apart and you should be ok. I do reccomend having an alignment done afterwards. Maby see if you can be there if you want it done a certain way.