Installing hood scoop?

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  1. hey i am painting my II this winter and am wondering what it takes to install/paint a hood scoop. and i want this to look good..not like crap. any input would be good
  2. Hood scoops are an easy addition to your car. Deciding on which one to put on is the tough decision. The easiest ones to put on are the bolt on style, these bolt on and have a finished edge so it looks good just sitting on the hood. Plus molded ones tend to crack after a few years with the repeated slamming of the hood. Use some foam tape on the under side to prevent rattles. Also make sure you have your scoop all ready to go, placed fitted, holes drilled prior to your paint job. Paint the hood and the scoop separately (not on the hood) but in the same spray coatings as the hood. This keeps the color consistant for both. Wait for your paint to cure before putting the scoop on the hood. I went with a large cowl induction style. Like this...[​IMG]
  3. Hey Mstng2, Is that your car? What a nice car. I'd like to see it. I like that scoop. Did you do all the work on your car? Very nice. :nice:

    It took me 40 hours to put this scoop on my hood. Thats just cutting the hole and molding it to the hood. Its all fiberglass and not plastic. I can write up how I did it if you want to do this to yours. :flag:

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  4. Thanks, Yep, that's my II. I Have done all the work on it over the last few years, except the paint. I'm not a paint guy. More info and details are on my cardomain page if your interested. HERE ----------->
  5. One of the pages of my cardomain(link in my sig) has details of how I bonded the cowl scoop to the steel hood.
  6. the scoop looks sharp, I am also going with the 4 inch cowl induction scoop but the one you finish off for a smooth finish, I finally got to see how it was done on the speed channel, Stacey Davids Gears, great show to learn even more