Engine Installing Shaker Intake System. Any Advice?

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  1. Hi, All! New here with first post. I have a 2014 Sterling Grey GT/CS. 535 miles. I want to install a shaker intake system on it with a K&N filter. First thing, any advice on how to cut the hood? (Kinda leery about this but what the hell). Second . does anyone know anyway to make this a true CAI other than stock airbox? I've dealt with cars for most of my life, am ASE P2 certified, and work in the business. I've looked at the CDC system and this should be relatively simple to do. At the same time I do this, I am installing a catback system and getting an SCT tuner. Considering putting 3.73 gears in also while I am off the week after next. Really just wanted to say hi to everybody and looking to get good (?) advice from this forum.
  2. Plans sound good, car sounds sweet. Post pics!

    no experience with the shaker hood kit, but CDCs instructions on other projects have been first rate. My advice would be to follow them. Definitely do the gears!
  3. Is Ford still trying to void warrantees for Mods? I know there was recently a few threads on another board where they intended to do so (I guess if they caused failures.. :shrug:)
  4. It follows under a law where the mods have to without a reasonable doubt have caused the failure. So if you installed a cold air intake and your suspension fell off it's not related and I highly doubt a CAI would've caused it. Warranty upheld.
  5. hey all, here's my mustang with the shaker installed and almost everything else done to it. Just a few more touch up/detailing things to do/get. let me know what you think. front left.jpg shaker right front.jpg shaker left front.jpg back right.jpg
  6. Looks good..

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  7. nice car, i was going to say our car are almost twins. mine is a 2013 GT/CS sterling grey. How are you liking yours so far?
  8. Can I ask a silly question please? This is not functional as a air intake correct? :eek:
  9. sterlinggreygt, yes it does look like mine before install. I love stangs, this is my 7th one. currently own 72 coupe, 88 convertible, and 14.
    spirockp, yes this is functional as a cold air. I just had to add a K&N hi flow. There is a tube you have to hook into your air box. you're getting air flow from both and tuned for CAI. I've done several more im provements and ahve added 3.73's to the rear, it really woke it up! I'm looking for sterling grey window tint and pre-painted louvers for the rear window, if anyone knows of a place to find them.
  10. Seems odd to have to keep the stock airbox and also have this :shrug: (would be better if it replaced the OEM airbox IMO) . Not my cup of tea on the 13-14's, looked more in place on the 05-09's. Hood is too busy with the heat extractors on the hood (don't care for hood scoops on the 13-14's either), and with it sitting on top of the engine cover and STB, but you know what they say about opinions, it's your car and if your happy, that's all that matters :cheers:
  11. Can you take a few pictures from underneath? I would love to see how it's connected. Thanks.
  12. I was planning on the shaker system already when i started looking for this car (you don't see many of them around) and the heat extractors were a pleasant surprise when the car came in. I like how the shaker centered between them well. The plain hood has good bends and looks nice, just a lot of plain area to me. You're a mustang fan and that makes you all right in my book. LOL
  13. It's not hard to install...just that first cut in the hood. LOL
  14. I love your car but I would lose that front license plate.
  15. A little hard to lose now that there are two holes in the bumper. I have one too, but NJ requires me to have one. :(
  16. I really like the shaker scoop and being functional is an added bonus !!!

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