Installing Victor Jr Heads . . .

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  1. Hi guy's have a question about installing Victor Jr heads with ARP Studs on a '93 block.The studs come with a washer with a neck and while installing them i had to use the nut to actually seat the washers.Is that correct?I have another 347 and when i put the Trick Flow heads on they also had the same washer's but i don't recall having to use the nut to seat the washers.Now all the washer's are seated but before torquing them down i wanted to get some feedback.So whatta you guy's think. . . .
  2. Should not be a problem. Chances are the Victor Jr. heads were used. If so then the aluminum around the head bolt holes may be deformed slightly from someone using just flat hardened washers or a flanged headbolt from the previous build. I would not worry about it. Just torque to spec and enjoy.
  3. Agree with above. The nuts are designed to be torqued with ARP moly lube. The lube should go on the threads and between the nut and the washer. ARP customer service is excellent if you have any questions.

  4. x3 What they all said ^^^